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DF:UW – Fear and fun in Agon

Following the development of Darkfall is far more stressful than actually playing it for me. I have issues, most likely stemming from having more than one MMO I enjoyed crapped on by the developers. Whether it was Tammel in UO, … Continue reading

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AcheAge: Getting through the themepark to get to the sandbox

Keen’s ArcheAge post today reiterates one of the ‘core values’ I think any virtual world must have; at no point should I be ‘done’ with an area. I think the whole concept of moving through zones is distinctively ‘not virtual … Continue reading

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EVE: I’m going to put this next to my “History of WoW Empires” book

Via TAGN, Kickstater (already funded) for a history of EVE Empires book. Easiest $25 I’ve spent in a while.   #EVE

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ESO: State of the game, state of the MMO

Since Bethesda releases a State of the Game today, I might as well post mine now as well. Overall I really like the game. I don’t know if I’d call it a great MMO, but as just a game overall … Continue reading

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EVE: Space Famous

The latest EVE Blog Banter topic is about “space famous” individuals and everyone’s thoughts about them. Jester has his entry here. The topic reminded me that I had previously talked about the importance of such players, here in more general … Continue reading

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Steam number crunching

Ars Technica has done some really nice work around Steam and what players are buying and playing on that service. If the stat that Steam makes up 75% of PC sales today is even remotely true, it only makes this … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Those who don’t learn from history

The big announcement recently from AV about DF:UW is that they are doing away with the class system and going back to a more free-form character skill system. The perception on Forumfall was that due to classes, balance was poor. … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Levy

Just as ESO went live, AV released a major update to Darkfall: Unholy Wars that included a new Area of Influence (AoI) system and a levy system. I’ve talked about the current flaws in the AoI system, but even flawed … Continue reading

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SOE: This is not the dying-trend clone you are looking for

What are many gamers sick of? Zombies. Specifically DayZ-clone zombies. This sentiment will only grow as more and more clones get dumped out. What is SOE working on? A DayZ clone poorly titled H1Z1! Do you SOE, do you! PS: … Continue reading

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ESO: Genre meld

In the post below this one, one line of questions revolved around what percentage of ESO’s content is ‘themepark’, and at what percentage does an MMO go from having themepark elements to just being a themepark. This post won’t have … Continue reading

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