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Atlantica Online quick thoughts.

Just a quick post for today, and this whole week might be a bit slow here. You have been warned. I’ve been playing a bit of Atlantica Online (AO) lately, currently about 20 hours into it, as part of my … Continue reading

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Darkness Falls in Warhammer, full map inside!

The idea of adding a Darkness Falls(DF)-like dungeon to Warhammer Online has been floating around since beta, and has even been hinted at by Mythic themselves. DF was a HUGE success in Dark Age of Camelot, and combined PvE and … Continue reading

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Boosting XP gain, why?

Mythic recently increased the overall leveling rate in WAR, and most players/blogs have openly called this a much needed change. I’m somewhat neutral about it concerning WAR in particular, as on the one hand the pace never bothered me, but … Continue reading

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Some Monday thoughts on WAR and Monolith RvR

So many thoughts are going through my head right now. Overall I had a really, really great weekend with WAR, but on Monday some issue are nagging me. This is likely to jump around a bit, so sorry in advance … Continue reading

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RMT, the great fail of MMOs

Before we get into the details of this post, I think it’s very important to keep one thing in mind; no matter the payment method, someone is going to end up paying more for option A than option B, and … Continue reading

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Bastion Stairs, take one.

Taking a break from T4 RvR, CoW and the Bloodsworn Alliance took a trip into Bastion Stairs (BS), the rank 30+ instanced dungeon. The basic setup is very similar to Mount Gunbad; three wings, three PQs with a final 6-man … Continue reading

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MMO patching

Warhammer Online has been patched a great deal since launch, above and beyond the typical patching of a new MMO, with everything from small ‘hot fixes’ to major content patches like 1.1a. It’s rare that a week goes by without … Continue reading

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