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Atlantica Online quick thoughts.

Just a quick post for today, and this whole week might be a bit slow here. You have been warned. I’ve been playing a bit of Atlantica Online (AO) lately, currently about 20 hours into it, as part of my … Continue reading

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Darkness Falls in Warhammer, full map inside!

The idea of adding a Darkness Falls(DF)-like dungeon to Warhammer Online has been floating around since beta, and has even been hinted at by Mythic themselves. DF was a HUGE success in Dark Age of Camelot, and combined PvE and … Continue reading

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Boosting XP gain, why?

Mythic recently increased the overall leveling rate in WAR, and most players/blogs have openly called this a much needed change. I’m somewhat neutral about it concerning WAR in particular, as on the one hand the pace never bothered me, but … Continue reading

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Some Monday thoughts on WAR and Monolith RvR

So many thoughts are going through my head right now. Overall I had a really, really great weekend with WAR, but on Monday some issue are nagging me. This is likely to jump around a bit, so sorry in advance … Continue reading

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RMT, the great fail of MMOs

Before we get into the details of this post, I think it’s very important to keep one thing in mind; no matter the payment method, someone is going to end up paying more for option A than option B, and … Continue reading

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Bastion Stairs, take one.

Taking a break from T4 RvR, CoW and the Bloodsworn Alliance took a trip into Bastion Stairs (BS), the rank 30+ instanced dungeon. The basic setup is very similar to Mount Gunbad; three wings, three PQs with a final 6-man … Continue reading

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MMO patching

Warhammer Online has been patched a great deal since launch, above and beyond the typical patching of a new MMO, with everything from small ‘hot fixes’ to major content patches like 1.1a. It’s rare that a week goes by without … Continue reading

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Accessible to you means trivial to me, and elitist to him.

It seems Tobold was having a rough day Friday. Aside from missing the true point of my post, a few days later Tobold describes a similar situation, only from the ‘raid leech’ perspective rather than an officer’s. As seen here, … Continue reading

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I see your silly RMT, and raise you $15

$15 for a sex change? It’s not even close to April 1st… Now finally EVERYONE can be a naked female dancing on a mailbox. Long overdue really,  I mean since you removed anything close to a challenge, you have to … Continue reading

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WAR Keep defense, not so useless.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘battle report’ style post about Warhammer Online, but that does not mean the RvR has slowed. If anything, with all the recent patches, RvR has actually increased on Monolith to the point … Continue reading

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