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Maintaining gaming momentum

I find that momentum is a very important aspect to playing an MMO for a prolong length of time, and it’s also very difficult to maintain, especially when RL forces a break. It’s also something that is equally influenced by … Continue reading

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Another look into the future of Darkfall

Some more info from my visit to Aventurine: The new, faster mount looks great. It has a sleek, horse/zebra/something look to it. No idea on its stats, but unless something has changed, it will arrive with the upcoming expansion. In … Continue reading

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RealID, SC2, F2P EQ2, and why LoL does F2P right

Taking a quick break from the Darkfall-related posts today to cover a few different topics. I’ve got a cold that won’t go away, which could explain my overly positive view in things. Or that’s just me, Mr. glass-half-empty-and-whats-left-is-likely-terribly-anyway. You have … Continue reading

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Peeking into the future of Darkfall PvE

Did you know that the undead in Darkfall have bad hearing, and due to that it’s easier to sneak up on them so long as they don’t see you? Did you know they have above-average vision at night? Did you … Continue reading

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I’m back and full of Darkfall goodness

Did you miss me? I’d say it’s good to be back, but really being back at work rather than sitting on a patio overlooking the caldera (google it) while eating breakfast that was just delivered is, well, not as cool? … Continue reading

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You, me, and Darkfall.

Thanks to the happy combo of my wedding + honeymoon, it’s rather unlikely this blog will see many (if any) updates in the next two weeks. Yes, this means you will need to go out and find your very own … Continue reading

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I strongly support Blizzard’s RealID

What could possibly go wrong if this fine gentlemen (I know it’s a girl, but damn…) knows your RL name, one that happens to be somewhat unique or she just knows enough about you to put the details together, and … Continue reading

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League of Legends

The latest Inquisition craze is League of Legends (LoL), a F2P game from the makes of the extremely popular Defense of the Ancients map for Warcraft 3. LoL is in many ways DotA 2.0, build from the ground up to … Continue reading

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WAR40k announces it’s going to fail

Why not just make it official right now and announce you are merging servers, cutting staff, and going F2P? Love of god, why are GamesWorkshop IPs being treated like half-asses movie adaptation games and getting so screwed? Why can’t this … Continue reading

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The newbie hero

Yesterday’s post started the discussion about the perception vs the reality of a new player’s role in Darkfall, and what chance that player has of really contributing to Darkfall’s ‘end-game’ of massive PvP. It also brought up the issue of … Continue reading

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