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More war, and Steam’s holiday sale being meh

Good times are here again! And by good times I mean another war-dec. A random Corp has declared against us, and everyone in the Corp is pretty excited to bring out some PvP ships and see what happens. The guys … Continue reading

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EVE: Ships, lots of ships!

Over the holiday weekend INQ-E went shopping and picked up a BPC of every T1 ship in EVE off a contract, giving all of us a nice big goal to work towards, along with hopefully a solid source of ISK. … Continue reading

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SW:TOR – Unreal

This can’t be real life right? First they LotRO us with “number of character created” (how many people are sitting on 8 character to reserve Hannn Solololo?), Xfire us with “hours played” (I wonder if people play a game more … Continue reading

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What 2012 may bring

Stealing a blog post idea from TAGN today (not that he invented it, but reading his sparked mine, so yea). MMOs in 2012. EVE: Assuming the server is still up (bhahaha), I’ll be playing EVE. My last go with the … Continue reading

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LoL: Human stupidity proudly on display

I’ve not had a LoL post in a whole because my time with the game is pretty minimal of late (EVE+Skyrim=GG), but this thread about the Tribunal and people being banned is pure gold. What always amazes me is just … Continue reading

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EVE: Orca purchase, region chat

While one of my pilots trains to fly an Orca, I’ve been checking contract listing for the ship daily in the hopes of catching a deal. Such a deal came yesterday, as someone had listed a rigged Orca for 300m … Continue reading

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SW:TOR – How is the end-game?

Random thought: What if the end-game in SW:TOR is awesome? Most people right now are talking about the leveling experience in SW. The pace, the voice, the story, the mechanics, etc. And rightfully so in many ways. Pre-release, almost all … Continue reading

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