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Shadowbane reset sparks interest.

I guess Shadowbane is going to reset its server, putting everyone back to square one. A bold move, and interesting enough that I might have to check back in to Shadowbane, especially since its free…

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Flying solo.

Tobold has a rather popular (based on replies) post with a simple premise; would you buy WoW if it was a single player game? The immediate reaction I think most people have is ‘no’, because logging on and seeing other … Continue reading

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Goons, EVE, and Freedom!

This Wired article is making the rounds on various blogs, and as it focuses on griefing, which is somewhat related to PvP, I figured I would throw in my two cents. Go read the article first, if nothing else it’s … Continue reading

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The Witcher, gaming done right.

Over the last few days all gaming has come to a near standstill thanks to The Witcher. I figured I would put down what really strikes me about the game. Notice that this is all purely based on a limited … Continue reading

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Virgin Worlds Podcast 100!

Congrats to Brent on show 100. A huge achievement for an awesome site. Go check it out! edit: That “I love that” clip has to be one of the better sound bites ever, right along with the whole Archlord praise … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding PvP.

I think ‘PvP’ is the new ‘nerf’. Remember back in the day anytime anything bad happened, it was called a nerf? And nerf was this dirty word you used to blame the developers for everything going wrong in your MMO? … Continue reading

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Another Warhammer rant, add it to the pile.

Rant on carebears incoming, you have been warned. Why don’t people understand that Warhammer Online plans to be a PvP focused game? Again, PvP focused. Player vs Player. The focus of Warhammer will be to fight other players. The gameplay … Continue reading

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Guess who’s back.

The one major downside of vacation; you eventually have to go back to work. The first day back is usually rough, as the human mind has an amazing ability to forget almost everything work-related in only a few days, and … Continue reading

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Cue Nas “You can hate me now…”

This will be the last blog entry for the week, as I’m off on vacation from Thursday to Monday. A swim-up pool bar in the Bahamas should do me some good, right? Oh, and waiting for me when I get … Continue reading

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If I was a betting man…

“This is such a lopsided matchup that Tom Brady is thinking of spending a couple of days in Mexico with Jessica Simpson, just to make it fair.” Stolen from here. Great line, and very true.

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