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Warhammer Online being overlooked.

Moving away from game theory and the other more common topics generally covered, I wanted to bring up something that has irked me for a while now. Why is it that in every earnings report and preview, Warhammer is never … Continue reading

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End-game content is not the ONLY content.

Tobold, MMOCrunch and Random Battle are three blogs which have recently talked about solo vs group play in an MMO, and everyone brings some good points to the table. One major issue during the leveling process is that far too … Continue reading

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Can Blizzard dig itself out of this hole…

We have a shortage of tanks, how are we going to fix that? Trick everyone into playing a new tank class. But people hate tank classes… Yea but this one will be more fun, have more utility, and will have … Continue reading

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Warhammer Online Collectors Edition, woot!

I ordered the Warhammer Online collectors edition on Sunday. This might not be such a big deal on its own, but the CE has been sold out online for quite some time now, and only recently was it made available … Continue reading

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Market, mining, and the loss of a Battleship.

First a market update: The weekend is indeed a busy time, and business picked up significantly. The most noticeable increase in sales was for high meta items, which tend to have a high price tag, resulting in a large influx … Continue reading

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Stop bitching about skill points newbtards.

Read enough EVE-related posts and you will notice a certain complaint always being made: I can never catch up to older players. First of all, the statement is mostly true. If you started a new character today, those pilots with … Continue reading

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Burned out on WotLK already.

I wanted to expand on a previous post here, and go into a bit more detail about WotLK and my total lack of excitement. I still think that more than anything else, the fact that Warhammer Online is so close … Continue reading

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EVE market report 2. More questions…

Not much to report in terms of the EVE market experiment, other than that slow traffic might have been an understatement. The new buy/sell orders had a grand total of zero activity for the entire 24 hour period, which is … Continue reading

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Avoiding the WotLK beta.

The fact that people are actually AVOIDING playing the WotLK beta should tell you all you need to know about how much content they think the next expansion will provide. For me personally WotLK does less than nothing. Another few … Continue reading

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Market report, day 1.

Day 1 marketing report: Bought: 10,000 Large Antimatter rounds at 120 ISK per. Sold: Nothing The market was quiet… a little too quiet. Actually the above is only half true, I did sell some random stuff, but it was not … Continue reading

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