Shop Titans thoughts and guild creation

I saw Tobold post about Shop Titans, and then had a few guild mates also confirm they enjoy the game, so here I am, playing another grinder F2P game (via Steam, but is also on mobile). Honestly as easy as these are to bash, they do make for great background content, and Shop Titans can also be played a fair amount actively in a 30 minute gaming session.

This won’t be a full review, but rather a few points that has me enjoying the game more than similar titles. I think the biggest is it doesn’t seem to punish you with decisions you make, rather everything is varying degrees of progressing forward. This means playing Shop is more relaxing than other games where mistakes can be made and you feel more pressure to look up guides so you don’t ‘mess up’. I also don’t believe there is a competitive aspect of Shop, just the cooperative progression of your guild.

Speaking of the guild, another thing I’m enjoying a lot is that guild members all work together to upgrade your shared town, work on earning guild points via tasks, and when there is a global event everyone’s progress chips in. It’s again relaxed, but a lot of design focus has been made to tie progress together.

I’ve got a new guild going in the game with some spots open, the name is Supreme Cream. Post here if you have issues joining, or just jump into our discord.

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  1. Shilgrod says:

    Any thoughts on lol:wild rift? It’s my go-to phone game lately

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