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The Settlers 7 review

Last week I picked up The Settlers 7 when it was on sale from Steam. I think the sale dropped it down to $25 or so. Right as I hit buy I felt a bit of regret, as I was … Continue reading

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EVE explained, again, this time with vanity items included!

I’ll give people that EVE is a complex game compared to other MMOs. But man, is it really that difficult to understand? It might be a game about spaceships, but it appears that some consider the mechanics on par with … Continue reading

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Two for two, yet another “How to” with F2P

This time with League of Legends being the second biggest online game in the west. Now granted, WoW might be down to like 1m accounts at this point, but assuming the bleed is not happening quite so fast, LoL likely … Continue reading

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Quick note about Raptr’s new site

I was part of a super secret beta project for Raptr’s new gaming site. That beta is now over, the site is live, and the NDA is down. I’ll post more about all of this once I spend more time … Continue reading

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CCP does something better than the rest of the genre, again

This time showing everyone how to do a cash shop right. As someone who can relate, it’s tough always being right.

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LoL Tribunal – Who are these ‘people’?

Aria and I have done more than two dozen Tribunal reviews now, and not a single one was even borderline. Every. Single. One. was a clear demonstration that natural selection has failed us and that human stupidity knows no bounds. … Continue reading

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Fun with lists

What do the games listed below all have in common? Age of Conan All Points Bulletin Dungeons & Dragons Online Lord of the Rings Online Global Agenda Ragnarok Online Champions Online Everquest 2 Extended If you answered “failed to meet … Continue reading

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I’m going to post about server transfers, again

If nothing else, Trion wins the “talk about us” battle. I still don’t see how this is, in any way, something to be proud of or celebrated. Its server transfers for a themepark people. Tell me if this sounds familiar: … Continue reading

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Busy week IRL = Quick thoughts

Yes, the Warband Saga post was a lie. But I can explain! Basically I’m on day 173 in my game, which means I’m beyond the intro phase and well into the mid-game. The post I started to write was first … Continue reading

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M&B:W issue

I know I said I’d post a Saga update, but um, I kinda forgot how good M&B is. Too busy playing. Sorry? (Long post up later today, for real this time (maybe)) PS: PoP is a stupid good mod. Just … Continue reading

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