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Banning an entire country?

On the one hand, having a thread asking Riot to ban everyone from Brazil (edit: thread deleted now) might seem a bit extreme. On the other, when that thread gets 260+ ‘thumbs up’ votes and many of the comments more … Continue reading

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Previous fail breakdown was the real fail

My post from yesterday was not as clear as I had hoped (that’s what happens when you rush posts at the end of the day I guess), so here we go for round two. What I wanted to express yesterday … Continue reading

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Breaking down failure is fail

It’s funny how we (myself firmly included in this) react when an MMO fails. We always ask why, and break down what went wrong based on that specific title, focusing on key bullet points (haha, good one self). APB is … Continue reading

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FFXIV XP Cap: Rehab for MMO players?

I’m starting to get a little worried here. First Tobold starts playing (and enjoying) a hardcore niche MMO, then he agrees that used game buyers are thieving parasites (not his words), and now we find ourselves again on the same … Continue reading

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Fantasy Football last call

Sending out the league invites tomorrow, so if you have not yet commented that you are in, do so now or miss out.

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Stirring the den of thieves

Seems quite a few feathers got ruffled yesterday. Funny how quick people jump to defend something when called out, and how far they will go to rationalize their behavior. I’ll restate my main point from yesterday right up front, so … Continue reading

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The thieving family man and his needs

Great post over at Penny Arcade today about used games = stealing (via Tobold) that has really struck a cord with me. As readers here know, one of the things I hate most about this industry is that so many … Continue reading

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Love and Rage

One thing that I love about League of Legends is how rage-inducing it can get. It’s more or less a nightly occurrence on vent that one or more individuals will reach the breaking point after some horrible loss, and a … Continue reading

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Fantasy… football anyone?

While I know it may be very dangerous to mix gaming (nerds) with sports (jocks), here goes: Anyone interested in playing in a Fantasy Football league? I figured since we have a solid group that follows this blog, perhaps we … Continue reading

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Neverwinter and Shining Force

I can’t say I understand the angst OR buzz for the new Neverwinter game. First, it’s not an MMO. Second, it’s being made by Cryptic. Third, little real detail has been revealed and the game is a ways off. Could … Continue reading

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