Clash of Clans: Town Hall 14 is here!

Clash of Clans has just released Town Hall 14, a major update to the game that has given myself and some of the other long-standing members in the clan new things to work on. The timing is pretty spot-on for me as my accounts were just about fully maxed out, and my interest in the game was dropping.

TH14 brings some new things I’ve yet to see, like pets you attach to heroes to give them some additional abilities, and the builder huts finally getting some defensive value. I’m sure all of the new things in the update will shake up the meta, and I’m personally excited to try out some new or modified attack strategies once I unlock things.

Our clan is still active, which is impressive considering some of us are past the 5 year mark with the game (7+ for me). Our activity, especially in normal wars, is off its peak, but we still regularly do them and always have a strong showing for the Clan War league.

SuperCell has made the early game much faster now, so jumping in and catching up isn’t as daunting as it once was. If you have played before and needed a reason to return, or are interesting in trying one of the best mobile games out, feel free to drop a note and join us, guild name is “Supreme Cream!”

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