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Rift: MMO 3.0

Let’s call UO/EQ/AC the first generation of MMOs (sorry MUDs), where both the devs and the players were total noobs, and the ‘hey this is new’ factor was off the charts. If you dialed in during the late 90s, you … Continue reading

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Already over the EG threshhold with Rift

Thanks to my VIP account, I was able to skip the queues all the peasants were in today, and I’m currently just under level 29. Population is a bit low in my area, but I guess that’s to be expected. … Continue reading

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If you’re surprised by the Rift queues…

Go back to WoW. Edit: But first make sure to go to the Rift forums and complain about it. Your tears sustain me at work, and the stuff being posted is 100% pure gold.

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Not all themeparks are created equally

Going to comment on something Tobold wrote today, related to Rift launching and how themeparks are similar. Here is the piece I want to focus on: But I do know that Rift is not completely unlike World of Warcraft. It … Continue reading

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Inquisition’s plan for Rift

Inquisition will officially be playing Rift on the RP-PvP server Sunrest. If you would like to join us please apply on our forums. We went with the RP server because the RP tag keeps the worst of the cesspool away. … Continue reading

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Digital Storm Computer Review

While FedEx did fail to alter their delivery date and could not bring my new comp on Friday, they at least made up for it by showing up at 9am on Monday (in light snow no less). I felt bad … Continue reading

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Digital Storm computer pictures

Longer post tomorrow, but here are a few pictures of the new system.

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FedEx sucks

No computer until Monday. Thanks. Have a nice weekend. DIAF.

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Dungeons Review (off the demo)

Can you do a review off a demo? Yes? Cool. Dungeons is billed as the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper (Google it WoW kiddies). That’s a tall order, as DK really was special for a lot of reasons, and many … Continue reading

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F2P Entitlement

Today’s shining star: Geting 72 IP for playing good and finishing teh game fast , making expansive Champions , they want us to buy RP , makinh more skins ans no server fix , I play LoL because it’s a … Continue reading

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