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Farcry is a better virtual world than most games aiming to be virtual worlds

Cheap and short “I’m on vacation” blog post incoming. The new PC is awesome, thanks for asking. Having everything on one large SSD drive is not only fast, but also convenient. No more worrying about which drive to put this … Continue reading

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Gaming mini-freeze

Waiting for my new PC means putting all of the games that don’t currently run 100% perfect maxed out (TW:Rome2, Age of Wonders 3, Farcry 4, M&B:Warband with silly combat size settings) on hold, and its getting a bit painful. … Continue reading

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CU: Starting to come around on Mark and what happened with WAR

For starters, head over to Keen and Graev for an interview with Mark, who also answers more questions in the comments. My biggest issue with CU is that Mark made WAR, and for a long time I didn’t get the … Continue reading

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Modern MMO design creates new barriers for grouping

Keen is talking about why people choose to solo instead of group, and all of his points are spot-on. Some are design mistakes (solo being more efficient/rewarding than grouping), others are social (people are mean), and for some the time … Continue reading

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Looking back at 2014, looking forward into 2015

Time to review 2014 and make some 2015 predictions (I don’t get as fancy as some people and do two posts!) Here are the 2014 predictions: EQNL will have everyone loving it the first month of release. Shortly after just … Continue reading

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Think a Steam sale is coming?

Yikes what a lineup!

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Steam: Very confused by this auction thing

Steam is running a new promo thing, where you can basically trade in steam cards for gems, and then use those gems to bid on games. Pretty simple right? Why not convert a few of your extra cards and see … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XIV: 2.5m subs now?

First off, if I buy the $40 wedding in-game item for the wife as a Xmas gift, think that will go over well? 50/50 right? Either way huge missed opportunity for Square Enix here, the top package should be 30k … Continue reading

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CoC: Things you learn from a tie

If you have been keeping up with our clan war update posts, (and who wouldn’t be following the statistical breakdown for a game they may not be playing or a clan they aren’t in!), you noticed that our last war … Continue reading

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CoC: Supreme Cream! vs Sixlines 12/5/2014

(Writeup and stats by Delpez) Supreme Cream! vs Sixlines Supreme Cream Enemy Average TH Level 7.78 7.84 Score 124 124 Total Attacks Used 80 83 Total 3 Star Attacks 37 34 Total 3 Star % 46.25 41.0 3 Stars Against … Continue reading

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