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Interesting read about F2P gaming.

I’ll post my thought on this article tomorrow, no time today other than to say that if you are aiming for Nexon-like profits, go F2P. If you want to make serious money, the sub model in NA continues to dominate.

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Motivation for beta leaks.

The topic of beta leaks and people who break the NDA always comes up around the time a new MMO is set for release, and given the growth of the MMO genre, the scale and depth of these leaks has … Continue reading

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Top 30 silly names, maybe.

Crave has a nice (if incomplete) list of funny videogame names found here. I’ve played a few of those, and I must say the names always confused me. Worth looking over IMO. I did enjoy the fact that of the … Continue reading

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Unite casuals with the hardcore, don’t separate them.

Listening to the latest Drone Bay podcast, a thought came to me while listening to the ‘mail time’ section. A new player basically asked what he can do about older players having tons of money, and an inflated economy making … Continue reading

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Daily quests, daily grind.

Now that 2.4 is out, many bloggers are posting their initial reactions to the patch, with most being overall positive. It seems the new area is a hit, and the players are enjoying the new daily quests that contribute to … Continue reading

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Delays, windows, hype, and cake.

Warhammer Online has been delayed, again. Not a huge shock really, especially considering the whole ‘we are not making DAoC 2… ok fine we are’ design change, something I fully support. Hopefully at some point ‘soon’ anyone who buys a … Continue reading

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Offspring or Evolution?

Cuppy recently talked about what she is looking for in an MMO, in particular referencing the upcoming FreeRealms (of which I will admit I know basically nothing about). It struck me that based on her list we have an almost … Continue reading

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BFG 9600 GT OC = Upgrade. Virus = Downgrade.

My ABS computer, the one replaced by my newer Alienware and now being used by the girlfriend to play WoW, got a video card upgrade recently, going from a faulty 7900 GTX to a new BFG 9600 GT OC. While … Continue reading

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On rails pacing in WoW, a solution or a problem?

Over the long weekend I had my first chance to see the Cavern of Time area, and also run Durnholde Keep, the first of three instances available. Overall the Cavern of Time area is a nice, albeit strange change of … Continue reading

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The future of blogging?

I found this article very interesting as a blogger myself. Clearly the type of blog the article talks about is way beyond anything most of us in the MMO blog world deal with in terms of traffic or money, but … Continue reading

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