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A new flavor of tears, plus an expansion update.

First, the comments section on this Massively article (great piece btw, riveting topic that someone should have blogged about…) is hilarious. Usually you have to go to to get such ‘quality’ comments, but it seems people’s love for Darkfall … Continue reading

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They get what so many others do not

This clip from a recent interview over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun is why I love Darkfall and Aventurine (emphasis is mine). Tasos: We don’t really have an ideal player, but the players who would get the most out of Darkfall … Continue reading

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Darkfall Online FAQ

The overall goal of this post is to give prospective Darkfall players a go-to FAQ about the game based on emails and comment questions I’ve received here, along with some of the more common items brought up on the official … Continue reading

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Eschalon Book One aftermath

Yesterday I mentioned finishing Book One of Eschalon, and now that I’ve finished the game I want to write about it a bit more and also talk about its sequel. I finished Book One with just over 20 hours players, … Continue reading

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One too many gaming options

Having too many games to play might seem like a silly thing to stress over (it is), but man can it be annoying/frustrating/great all at the same time. Between Darkfall being about as exciting as its ever been (with an … Continue reading

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Mildly entertaining, I guess

First up is this video from Obs of LoD. The combination of the latest patch increasing Sea Fortress rewards, balancing AoE magic, and the overall excitement about Darkfall among many veteran players lead to this rather massive naval blowout. Looks … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Day after the patch

So that patch went… about as well as most Aventurine patches really. Some extra downtime, a short-lived exploit, and dramalama on the forums, in other words, business as usual. My character went from 326hp to 387hp, Ghana now has rats … Continue reading

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