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More tools coming to the sandbox

DarkFall is set to receive a patch later this week, and two recent spotlights have shown off two new items that will be included; Clan Teleportation Chambers and Deployable Strongboxes. Both threads are already very lengthy with everyone throwing opinions … Continue reading

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But the dice keep the economy rolling

Yesterday I talked about randomness and luck as it relates to DarkFall’s combat, and how I believe the game benefits from having such events kept to a minimum. Today I want to address the other side of the coin; the … Continue reading

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No dice rolls here

I’ve recently been playing some Catan online, which is acting as a solid game to play while my character in DF is doing less input-heavy tasks (gathering, crafting, etc), and it reminded me how much certain games factor in luck … Continue reading

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Tales from DarkFall: The PKs of dwarf lands

I’ve been trying to finish the first step in the Vitality title quest for some time now, but killing 200 of two types of kobolds plus 20 of another is a rather daunting task, especially because around the city I’m … Continue reading

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Because it’s Friday

Playing WoW lately has reminded me of Blizzard’s development cycles and how they churn out patches very quickly. Put down the crack pipe.

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PvP Systems: FFA vs Faction

Coppertopper previously asked my opinion on FFA PvP versus set faction PvP, and today seems like a good day to throw out my opinions on the topic and also see what everyone else thinks. Examples of FFA PvP include Ultima … Continue reading

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Tales from DarkFall: Sunstone Seige

Now that was a fun siege! Alliance versus alliance (with some minor politics involved), jungle fighting, interesting use of terrain, great tactical moves, high participation from both sides, and everyone wearing their Sunday best made last night a truly great … Continue reading

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Awkward silence

Slow week it seems both for my in-game activity and for noteworthy items in the blog world. News of upcoming changes to DarkFall have been slow (patch this week supposedly), and everyone is left wondering whether the silence means a … Continue reading

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It’s the social virus, not the game.

Raph has a lengthy post up on his site talking about social games being considered by some as ‘second class’ citizens of the gaming world, among other points. My own personal experience with social games is somewhat limited, but I … Continue reading

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Lum the Director

More embarrassing: How your in-game Aion character sounds, or the company behind the game producing this? That video actually encouraged me to buy Aion gold… sorry keno, or khino, or kihnananaan. Whatever… I’d love to have been in the meeting … Continue reading

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