DarkFall: NA-1 and quick in-game update.

Rumor has it the DarkFall NA-1 server is coming in June. Consider the release history for DarkFall overall, would anyone be surprised if it’s a bit late? Granted setting up hardware and launching an MMO are two very different things, but as a company you first have to deliver on a few promises before people take you on your word (Mythic has bought a lot of credit in this regard with the timing and delivery of WAR updates). No news on how exactly NA-1 will be done in terms of the transfer. Will it be a full transfer, partial, delayed, or a blank slate? Hopefully more on this from Aventurine soon, as I know a good amount of people are waiting on the sidelines until this server goes live. With the shop going online 24/7 recently, a good influx of new players have entered the game, and I believe the launch of NA-1 will bring in another wave.

As far as in-game activities go, RL has been a bit busy for me recently, so my online time has been reduced a bit. On Saturday Inquisition took part in TheMerc’s siege of Mar Shrall (The Goons capital city), but I personally did not see much of the action as our group was on shard defense duty, and no real attempt was made against it. Not going to break down the whole siege, but the end result was that TheMerc’s were not able to bring down the city’s clan stone to 0% before the attack window expired, resulting in a technical draw (but really a lose for TheMercs, since the 180k used to initiate the challenge is lost)

This week should be interesting however, as Inquisition has stirred up some new wars (more PvP targets), and you never know what our new friends are going to get involved with next.

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  1. João Carlos says:

    Well, I was at Mar Shrall battle, defending the city. It was a nightmare…

    I crashed 3 times. I died 4 times. And everytime I died I respawned near the clan’s stone, where 4 Merc cannons where hiting everyone (they were trying to hit the clanstone, but everyone close get exploded) there while I had a real monster lag.

    But it was fun. Goons managed to bring everyone they had disponible for defend the city and I never saw a place with so many players at same time. We had players all over the place and over all reef of buildings on town.

    When the mercs arrived we started to launch everything we had. It was a tempest of Mana Missile. I do’nt saw on who I was shooting MM, I just shoot MM where everyone were shooting them.

    I guess how many players were at the battle. I think the Goons had almost 300 players at Mar Shrall, maybe more.

    Before I died the first time, I had few lag, maybe because I was hiding inside a building while shooting MM from a window. But after that, everytime I respawned at the clanstone I had a lag that make for me almost impossible to move.

  2. syncaine says:

    Was it server lag or client lag? Did you disable your sound card for the siege? From what I heard on vent, the server was actually decent, but people were getting really bad client lag if they had the sound on.

    I unfortunately get the ‘out of virtual memory’ error often, so sieging for me right now is tough unless I can get into an area and let it load for a bit, and then not leave it. Hoping a future patch resolves that issue, as I know quite a few players are effected by it.

    My guess is TheMercs are not done with Mar Shrall just yet, and certainly not with CC.

  3. Beleg says:

    @syncaine I was at the siege. The server lag was pretty much nonexistent for me. I had sounds on, but all my textures/graphics turned way down. I was pretty impressed. By the way, I took some screens to count the Goons later — about 245, by my best count. Probably ~20 hiding, so maybe 265 on defense. No idea about the mercs — I had to leave with about 45 minutes left on the timer, so I didn’t see much action.

  4. Maedhros says:

    I too was at the siege. After about 3 minutes I had the virtual address error, logged back on and was fine for the rest of the siege.

    It actually helped me out, in that I was not in the keep when it was taken, logged back in alone and sniped the whole time.

  5. João Carlos says:

    @ syncaine, I think it was client lag. I had no lag before my first crash. As I said, I was inside a building shooting MM at the enemies from a window, maybe that was making the lag lower for me.

    I had the sound off, but I don’nt disabled the sound card. I crashed the first time from the ‘out of virtual memory’ error, then when I respawned the sound returned to be on, making me lag like a nightmare. While lagging I was killed 4 times.

    I know the devs solved a great deal of the ‘out of virtual memory’ errors, but they will need more patches for solve it completelly. They too need look at the sound card problems.

    Next time I go to a siege (I think we need give to TheMercs more defeats :P , with luck we will destroy their warhulk) I will disable the sound card and turn way down my textures/graphics. I think that will solve a lot of problems I had.

    @Beleg, I think the building where I was hiding had 10 players inside. I am sure all the buildings at city had players inside and that mountain had players not visible because they were swiming at the lake, so maybe we had 30 ~ 50 players hiding. So, the count for the defenders was close to 300.

    I guess that TheMercs send from 200 to 300 players too. They know they were to fight strong defense, so I think it is logical to send a strong invading army. I saw 4 cannons bombing the clanstone from outside the walls and a lot of enemy players jumping the wall for go inside the city.

    As the lag I had come from client and not from server, the server can support a 500 players battle. It is better than other PvP MMO I played before.

  6. syncaine says:

    Top two issues (IMO of course) are the memory error and either fixing the sound/lag issue, or at least adding a ‘disable sound’ option to the game, as having to do the sound card thing to make a siege playable is a real pain on Vista.

    The server handling 500+ players in one area tops all but EVE in performance that I am aware of, especially when you consider DF has full collision detection.

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