$5,000 Darkfall contest winners

At long last, the $5,000 “I love Darkfall” contest winners have been announced.

Not a huge surprise that the concrete dragon statue won, anyone who saw the video when it was first posted knew it would be next to impossible to top that, but the other entry is also impressive in terms of creativity and going the extra step. Congrats to Albatross Catalysm for the first place win, and to Khor Syon for a great entry as well.

I wonder how expensive it is to ship a 900+ kilo status to Greece…

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1 Response to $5,000 Darkfall contest winners

  1. sid67 says:

    You know what this proves right? That DF players are so trained to endure the grind that they’ll spend several months of hard labor for $5000. =)

    How many skill points did he get for that? At the very least, I hope it raised his wisdom by +10.

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