Meta-blogging: WTF is up with #crap?

Noticed a few blogs are doing this. Someone fill me in on the why? Is it some new meme I missed, or does it get you ‘followers’ on Twitter? 

Looks ridiculous.

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15 Responses to Meta-blogging: WTF is up with #crap?

  1. Ravious says:

    Makes it easier to hashtag and get posts on Twitter. I usually add the hashtag at the end of a Tweet, but there are a lot of MMO blogs active on Twitter.

  2. bhagpuss says:

    Are those kids on your lawn again?

  3. Feliz says:

    I have a separate twitter account for my blog. All I am tweeting are the headlines of my posts, a link and the hashtag(s) of the game(s) I am talking about.
    It gets you a bit of exposure.

    • SynCaine says:

      I’ve seen tweetfleet, but I figured it as a Twitter-only thing. But Random Average hashtag’s every title. Kids…

      • Peter Newman says:

        I think in Random Average’s case, he started off blogging multiple topics, and was hashtagging the titles for organization. But then the blog turned into pretty much straight #eveonline .

  4. Carson says:

    My guess was that people’s blogging platforms had the feature of auto-posting a link to each new blog post to Twitter, and that by putting one of those Twitter hashtags in the title, they ensured that their announce-tweet would be tagged.

    But since I only use Twitter to troll Members of Parliament maybe once every few months, I’m no great expert on the subject.

  5. will route your stuff straight to Twitter and to Facebook as well, if you so desire. I do it to punish the people who friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

    But I refuse to clutter up my titles with that sort of thing. They are hard enough to fathom without that!

    I am waiting for to show some sophistication and process things through to twitter with a hash tag created from the category you used for the post. Seems like a pretty simple piece of code, once you already have the auto-publish feature.

    • Snafzg says:


      WordPress can auto-tweet links to your blog posts. But that will only go to your followers unless you add a hashtag. Adding the hashtag will potentially help you grow your blog readership through Twitter.

      So a post titled: “Climbing the ELO mountain” will only appear to your followers.

      But a post titled: “Climbing the ELO mountain #leagueoflegends” will appear to your followers and anyone who follows #leagueoflegends.

      • Yeah, I get that. And if more readers mattered more than my half-assed ideas on aesthetics I might do it. But I still think hash tags in headlines are ugly, hence my desire to have a module that would add appropriate hash tags to the stream that goes to Twitter as a post-processing effort. Or something.

  6. I only do a tweetfleet thing because I heard that’s what the cool kids are doing.

    I want to be a cool kid online.

  7. Anonymous says:

    fuck twitter. also facebook. get off my lawn.

    damn kids.

  8. Hong WeiLoh says:

    Partly :shittymeme: is also to blame. Like, :soon: and :CCP:.

    I do :this: and ^^ this a lot, as well. Makes me :shitty: blawgger. #ohwells & #smhfmlwtfebbq ;-)

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