Darkfall has been greenlit


(And now the obligatory “How will AV screw this up” trolling/truth)

Also I hope the process to get the game on Steam for purchase is not completed by 12/12/12, because the queues could be pretty lengthy. Far better to have this trigger a month or two after release, once the initial rush has died down and not everyone is piling into the newbie goblin spawns (that will kill WoWbies the first few times they attempt them. Welcome to DF!)


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  1. tasos loves u says:

    * Syncaine implies he knows more about game design and development than Lum. Syncaine has 0 years (0 hours, 0 minutes, and 0 seconds) of game design experience and has participated in the development of 0 games. I wonder who has a more respectable opinion here.

    * Syncaine resorts to ad hominems in an attempt to discredit his opponent who makes an argument that he could’ve simply countered.

    * Syncaine asserts that because someone plays lots of games, they know stuff about game design. Have you ever read Keen’s blog? Hell, have you read your own blog?

    * Syncaine signals his high status in the MMO community through elitism: he asserts the opinions of gamers like him are more valuable and he asserts that such players are more valuable in general.

    * Syncaine gets defensive about DFO instead of actually making reasoned arguments.

    * Darkfall is the only game in the fantasy sandbox MMO market at the moment. Syncaine ignores this fact so that he can assert that DFO is just a great game. (When people only have one option, the fact that they go with that option doesn’t mean that they’re proving that option’s suitability.)

    Overall, I think it’s another successful post on Hardcore Casual!



    • And as an anonymous troll with an obvious axe to grind, we should listen to because why?

      • bhagpuss says:

        That’s a very weird comment from “Tasos” there. Is it in response to something I missed? Why is “Lum” being brought into the argument, whatever the argument is?

        What does being Greenlit on Steam mean, anyway? Just that it can be downloaded from there or is there more to it than that?

        • SynCaine says:

          Those quotes are from a FBW post or two that I had with Lum, and then Tobold came to Lum’s defense because… Tobold.

          Greenlit means DF got enough votes expressing interest that now Valve will start to work with AV to get DF on Steam. How long that takes we will see.

          Before Greenlight whether a game was listed on Steam or not was 100% Valve’s decision, while now its more voting-based. DF being greenlit in two days is a good measure of demand (or at least of the lengths the DF community will go to get the vote out).

          Here is the original post: https://syncaine.com/2009/12/21/failure-post-is-fail/

          And reading the comments has only made me miss playing and posting about DF that much more. Those good times can’t come soon enough.

  2. Dril says:

    That quickly?

    In other news, Mortal went f2p.

    • Anti-Stupidity League says:

      I might try Darkfail too if it was F2P. But at the moment those bunnyhopping combat videos are not intriguing enough for me to pay 15 bucks a month, I could do the same for free in Unreal Tournament if I wanted.

  3. Matt says:

    In your estimation, what does Darkfall offer a casual PVE player?

    • tithian says:

      Considering that DF is neither a casual nor a PVE game, probably very little (or nothing).

      • Davis says:

        The game has great exploration value and the PvE is a lot of fun, as most mobs have their own unique mechanics, and the AI is miles away better than just about any MMO on the market.

        • SynCaine says:

          What Davis said. You just have to keep in mind that most of the PvE will be in a FFA PvP area, so you can’t just zombie mode it. In DF1 there were a bunch of clans that were 90% PvE-focused, so people certainly do it. If your clan aligns itself with a more PvP-focused clan(s), that also works.

        • tithian says:

          Of course DF has PvE, it has mobs to kill and areas to explore, like all other MMOs. Getting to do that in a casual way, with no clan (the casual part of the question) and getting an experience similar to that of the other MMOs out there… I don’t see that happening.

          At least I think that’s what Matt means when he says he’s a “casual PvE player”. I strongly believe that playing DF strictly for the PvE and without a commitement to a clan will not be an enjoyable experience.

  4. coppertopper says:

    “Man are you trying hard, almost up to Lum levels.”

    I never really was clear what ‘ad hominem attacks’ meant until reading that post you linked from 2009. But yes – that’s typical forum thread tactics, so I guess appropriate coming from you since this is a gaming blog?

    “I mean clearly any company that brings in a contractor to deal with their botting issue is sure to have a bright future”

    …followed by a bunch of comments pointing out DF’s blood wall (good going DF for allowing the coining of a new term to explain exploiting tactics) and other actions possible in DF to completely ignore the vaunted ‘skill up’ mechanic (which clearly just doesnt work in an MMO setting).

    I will buy DF (at a discount – even SWTOR was fun at $15 for a month), because nothing gets your blood going like PvP and PvE that is full of risk. But full loot FFA PvP with no large safe area to just experience the game (how many people actually play EVE outside of high sec space?), questionable balance (at release going to be a joke I imagine), and bunny hopping as combat mechanic – there needs to be a lot of success in areas like “constructing and fortifying cities” and “epic…naval battles” to make any of those inevitable shortcomings ignoreable past 3 months.

  5. whatever says:

    How can AV *bleep* things up?

    SIMPLE. They can refuse to learn from obvious past mistakes and relentlessly continue to repeat those mistakes.

    Like when Rift people hired Gersh and he did his stupid Pyromancers just like he afflicted WAR with Bright Wizards.

  6. Bernard says:

    Thanks for linking the 2009 post. Very entertaining reading for a Monday morning.

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