Back tomorrow.

So I go away for a night to see the Red Sox play back to back nights (two wins, woot), and what happens? WoWInsider links my blog, sending my hit rate through the roof. Great day to take a day off from the blog, huh. Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow, putting in work on the 4th, at least before heading off to a BBQ.

But thanks to WoWInsider for the link, along with Tobold who got me some initial push with a mention in his excellent blog.

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Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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4 Responses to Back tomorrow.

  1. Knaledge says:

    So do you live in MA? If so, whereabouts?

    I grew up in Chicopee and spent a ton of time in Worcester and Braintree.

  2. Knaledge says:

    Oh yeah – I discovered this blog via WoWinsider so it definitely worked in your favor. On my favorites/bookmarks list now.

  3. syncaine says:

    Glad to have you as a reader Knaledge, hope you enjoy the blog.

    Yup I live in MA, in Littleton. I’ve lived in MA for a long time now, since I was five years old. Live and die by the local sports scene.

  4. Knaledge says:

    Nice – ate at the Sub Shoppe a few times while traveling out east for some games.

    Down in Florida now working at EA but I make back up home time to time and my buddies and the girls all go out for some brew and dogs. I’m interested in seeing the type of traffic this site gets once it gets more readership. Happy to see someone in MA getting some recognition!

    Hope you had a good 4th and didn’t pound it too hard. Stayed out wicked late today and threw back some killians. Take it easy

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