Burned out on WotLK already.

I wanted to expand on a previous post here, and go into a bit more detail about WotLK and my total lack of excitement. I still think that more than anything else, the fact that Warhammer Online is so close has really narrowed my view. Baring total failure, I know WAR will be my MMO of choice in 2009, with some EVE goodness as well.

But WAR aside, there are other issues at play for WoW and WotLK. One is the fact that graphically, WoW is aging. While WotLK will have new textures, animations, and effects, everything is still bound to the same graphics engine, and the overall ‘style’ is still the same WoW that it was in 2004. The WoW team has to work that much harder to impress us visually now, because we have seen so much already, and newer games appear fresh just by the very nature that they are new.

Another factor, and this one is a bit unique to WoW, is that most of us have played WoW more than any other MMO, and after all those hours, burnout is natural. WoW is an amazing game, and that fact might hurt it more than anything else. We have played our main, leveled alts, respecced, switched profession, pvped, raided, etc. More players have done more things in WoW than they would in other games, due to the games quality. Instead of rolling something new when WotLK is out, and playing the game from a new angle, most of us have already covered all the angles, and WotLK would have to deliver a completely new game, 1-80, to really entertain us. Sure that journey from 70-80 will be fun, but lets face it, you will still be using 99% of the same skills, which use the same animations, which have the same sounds. The fact that you are hitting a new snow beast in a new ice zone is not enough, at least not enough to keep us grinding like we did in Azeroth, and to a lesser extend in Outland. With each expansion, regardless of content, player burnout sets in faster and faster. You might have run Scholomance 50 times, because even after 30 runs, it was still damn fun. But you probably ran the Outlands instances fewer times, and the burnout for WotLK instances will be even faster, perhaps after just one run.

Which brings me to why I’m really not excited about WotLK; it’s not that WotLK is going to have bad content; it’s just that I’m already burned out on 75% of that content. I’ve seen how 5 man instance runs work in WoW. I’ve seen 10/25/40 man raids. I’ve seen pre-form PvP, PuG PvP. I’ve done the item/token/rep grind. I’ve never done it as a Deathknight, or in Northrend, but that’s not enough to pull me away from WAR, or to even make we want to drop $40 on WotLK.

It might not be out, but to whack a dead horse once more, I’ve played WotLK, it was called WoW.

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  1. Hudson says:

    Awesome, exactly what I would have written.

    I am so UNTHRILLED by WOTLK that I wont even be buying it and that says a lot for me and a Blizzard title

  2. Irenaeus says:

    While this is true, I would give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt. Pre-BC end game content was great at first but quickly became quite redundant and was skewed towards massive raiding only.

    Think about how much has changed over the course of BC. Blizzard has implemented many new ideas to make things fresh and give new things to do for a wide range of players: 10 man raids, 25 man raids, dailies, a new BG, heroics, badges, etc. While some of that might not be as revolutionary as Wow was when it first came out, they are all steps forward.

    I do admit that I have some reservations about being entertained with no real new game elements/mechanics but Blizzard has come through many times before so I will be giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    Then again, I play ~10 hours a week so maybe I am just not as burnt out as others.

  3. Winged Nazgul says:

    “Another factor, and this one is a bit unique to WoW, is that most of us have played WoW more than any other MMO, and after all those hours, burnout is natural. WoW is an amazing game, and that fact might hurt it more than anything else. We have played our main, leveled alts, respecced, switched profession, pvped, raided, etc. More players have done more things in WoW than they would in other games, due to the games quality.”

    This describes exactly my current lack of interest towards the upcoming WoW expansion and the possible reasons why. As you can see from my screenshot, http://img364.imageshack.us/img364/5990/wowscrnshot072008133450cf9.jpg this is indeed true in my case.

    I guess that’s why I’m currently so enamored with Eve Online. There are so many, many things I have yet to do and want to do in that game.

  4. JoBildo says:

    I’m still not sure I’ll be able to resist it at some point… but I do feel nearly the same about it.

    It’s been there done that. It’s a case of them not coming out with expansion content fast enough I think. When there’s a lull between the old and the new that stretches so long, it’s much easier to burn out on any game. EQ was kept fresh by lots of expansion content, so is EQ2, DAoC, etc. There was always a sizeable addition to the content to look forward to. It didn’t keep the game fresh either, but it was much easier to get excited back then because the pacing of the content was far brisker.

    That said, bring on WAR.

  5. Micah S says:

    I totally agree. Unlike many others I don’t feel the need to disparage WoW to justify to myself or my friends my decision to leave. It was a good game. It still is. I had fun playing it from the day it came out until I left last month. I’m just done with it. I’m sure wotlk will be fine, but it’s the same game I am done with. I rediscovered Eve and dusted off my old neglected pilot who I played for 4 months a while ago. I’ll play WAR when it comes out. Life goes on.

  6. I feel you. WoW is great, and I love WoW… but I’m ready for something new. I’m sure I’ll play it on and off still, but blizzard has moved on to bigger and better stuff, apparently… I suppose I should too.

  7. frank says:

    Do you really not think you’ll play WoTLK? I agree with a lot of what you said, and I’m currently on a WoW break, but I still want to play the expansion. I also agree that it may not last long, but a few months of good gametime for $40 isn’t a bad deal in my book.

    Also, I guess I really need to give EVE a try- maybe that will give me something to do until WAR or WoTLK.

  8. syncaine says:

    Am I saying I’ll never play WoW again, be it WotLK or something else, no.

    But currently, I plan to play WAR at release, and knowing myself and the longevity of PvP-based MMOs (UO, ACDT, DAoC for me), I’ll be plenty busy in WAR for a while. After that, perhaps the ‘next’ MMO will be out, and if not, perhaps I’ll see whats going on in WoW. Remember though, WoW is aged now, and that will only continue as time goes on.

    So I’m not saying I won’t play WoW for sure, but as of today, the odds are good I might not return. I hope I don’t, as that will mean other MMO’s are holding my attention and providing entertainment.

  9. syncaine says:

    Oh and Nazgul… dude wtf? How much free time do you have to get all those characters to 70, and at least one (just from your SS) in good gear?

    Oh and uh… want to join my WAR guild? :)

  10. Rick says:

    Honestly, I think WoW looks as good as WAR. It’s not the graphical fidelity that’s fading for me. It’s what you said about enjoying WoW so much that I played it to death. I don’t feel like there’s enough new for me in the Lich King to give the game any more time. Blizzard’s focusing on perhaps my least favorite part of an MMO, the PvE end game, and I just don’t feel excited about WoW any more. Hmm, I don’t mean to sound bitchy about WoW. I thought it was an amazing game. I just played it so much, for longer than I’ve played any other MMO, that I want something different.

    And it doesn’t have too much to do with WAR, for me. I wouldn’t go back to WoW even if WAR didn’t exist. I’m just done, man. It’s like Happy Days reruns. At some point, you know Fonzie’s gonna jump the shark.

  11. Yeebo says:

    For me it doesn’t really matter whether the end game is focused on 40 man raids or ten man raids. If the only way I can improve my character post cap is raiding, I’m just not interested. I’ll run a raid once ot twice to see it, and them I’m done. Running the same damn instance 20+ times to get geared up is a horrifically bad play mechanic. It’s fine in Diablo or similar solo action RPG. But having to coordinate with 9 other folks to do a single run where I’m statistiaclly unlikely to get anything I care about is painfull. And you want me to do that night after night for weeks or months on end until my regular playgroup is geared up enough to try the next one….are you mad?

    Blizzard’s new “e-sport” PvP emphasis also holds little interest for me. In fact it’s hard to imagine a more silly and immersion breaking end game to jam into a fantasy MMO. I’ve said it elsewhere, but unless there are some cards that Blizzard is still keeping hidden, I won’t be setting foot in WotLK.

  12. Bonedead says:

    I hereby declare myself the winner. I stopped playing WoW before TBC (didn’t buy TBC) and I’m definitely not getting WotLK. I was patient, nya nya nya nya nya nya!

  13. Oakstout says:

    I think you guys are just insane. Whats wrong with WoW? The grinding, the questing, the raiding, the search for epic loot, the inability to stay with a game once you’ve power leveled your way thru all the content just to reach the end and find it empty?

    These things will be in WAR I assure you. They might take on a different look or feel, but rest assured they will eventual become boring. I mean, how many times can you raid a city before it seems just like your doing another pirate hat quest? Or how many times will you level up a different character only to put yourself thru the same grind of getting to the top. Sure, it will look different and not all the goals will be the same, but the outcome will be the same, epic loot, epic titles and more of the same the next day. That is till you’ve seen it all a hundred times, then what?

    Everyone expects the world RVR to appear different than any other form of PVP. Really it isn’t going to be any different than AoC and look at the people bailing out of that game once they reached the end.

    It’s just like WoW, there is an end game and once you reach it, your going to be bored with it as well.

  14. sid67 says:

    These things will be in WAR I assure you. They might take on a different look or feel, but rest assured they will eventual become boring.

    Do anything enough times and it becomes repetitive and boring. That’s the point about WoW. WoTLK is only in beta, but I know 95% of what I can expect out of the game. The one counterpoint difference with WAR, however, is in a PvP based game – the content is in the competition. As long as the competition is fun and engaging, the game will continue to be fun and engaging.

    It’s not the graphical fidelity [of WoW] that’s fading for me.

    They definitely have made some graphic engine upgrades. Patch 2.4 and 2.4.2 both had noticeable (to me) updates to the engine. In fact, I actually needed a driver update after 2.4 to even make the game playable. Still — there is only so much they can do. Go visit some places in Azeroth then go to some of the newer zones. The old areas simply seem incomplete and clunky.

  15. Oakstout says:

    Ok, but how many times can you assault the same piece of ground? Doing Bg’s in WoW becomes boring after a few minutes of kill and be killed kind of stuff.

    I’m not saying it won’t be different or fun, but the things everyone says about how much they don’t like WoW can be applied to any MMO after a certain period of time. No need making WoW the bad guy, if your bored because you’ve done it all, its not WoW’s fault, its basically the players.

    So enjoy something new, I think that’s a great idea, but you don’t need to trash a game that at some point in your past held a bit of awe and fascination, because eventually you’ll get tired of WAR and then where will you be?

    That is all I’m saying, don’t make WoW the bad guy because you got bored.

  16. sid67 says:

    That is all I’m saying, don’t make WoW the bad guy because you got bored.

    WoW is a victim of their own circumstance, not a bad guy. But it is a situation of their own making and it’s worth criticizing them for not recognizing that they need to offer something different now that 60%+ of the player base has multiple 70s (or have already quit). It’s more of a commentary on too little too late than it is anything else. I think that is warranted because they really could have thought out the expansions a bit better.

    Ok, but how many times can you assault the same piece of ground?

    9,999,999,999 times. :)

  17. saylah says:

    I’m there with ya. Short of all other options going up in flames (WAR, EQ2, EVE) I’m done. I — JUST — CANT — DO — IT — ANYMORE! Been gone officially for a couple of months now and havent had any urges to return. I read a blog post about the WOTLK achievements which are so EQ2/LOTRO theft all I could do was yawn. I’ve definitely already done that before. :-)

  18. spinks says:

    There are things about WotLK that I’m excited about seeing. Blizzard do a fantastic PvE game and I’ve always enjoyed exploring their zones and quest-related stories.

    I cannot find myself excited about new abilities on my characters. They’re ok. The death knights look fun though.

    I am, however, very burned out on 5 man instances right now and I remember that guild turmoil that was the start of TBC, and I suspect the emphasis on 10 man raids will cause a lot more guild drama here too. These are things I am actively NOT looking forwards to. I am not enthused about the idea of grinding for rep and gear again, and again WoW style.

    I am, however, excited about trying Mythic-style RvR again because it truly was that good. I’m excited about getting to play with old friends I haven’t seen online in awhile. And there’s that whole shiny-new-game in-at-the -start thing going on too. I’m sure I will play through WotLK at some point, but right now it’s WAR I am looking forwards to more.

  19. Oakstout says:

    “Need to offer something different now that 60%+ of the player base has multiple 70s”

    My questions is who has all this time to have multiple 70s? If you say its 60% of 9 million people then they must liked something about the game in order to achieve this goal. I’m not saying people aren’t ready to move on to another more challenging game, but that doesn’t necessitate a hatred towards WoW cause if you have 9million people playing your game and more every day, even after all those people that left before BC, I feel that the game has more to offer.

    I may sound like a Fanboy, but truly I’m not, I just don’t understand the hatred towards a game that everyone has played to some amount of time and yet because they aren’t into the game they have to trash it. I lot of people have grown past EQ, but you don’t see people criticizing them or complaining about their new expansion.

    WoW is still a solid game, the graphics are still holding strong, which is why they are cartoony, so they won’t have to keep up with the growning graphical world. Even if the old world looks dull, the majority of people will just be blowing past those zones to get to the new end content once WOTLK comes out, so there really is no need to upgrade them, maybe the capital cities, but still not a necessity

    I hear the world burned out a lot, and if that is the majority of the problem, its not WoW’s problem. No one said rush thru the content, raid all the time do all the instances every waking hour or make multiple 70’s. That would over load anyone and cause burn out.

  20. syncaine says:

    Oakstout I think you might be missing the point a bit. No one is saying WoW is bad, actually we are saying the exact opposite, it’s great. So great that we have all played it to death.

    The problem is WotLK is just more of the same, and while that worked decent enough for Burning Crusade, for many it’s too little too late with WotLK.

  21. Oakstout says:

    I can respect that opinion.

    I just feel that when I read blogs about how great WAR will be and how much WoW sucks now, it tends to set me off a bit. WoW sucks no less than it did at launch, so if you thought it sucked then chances are you’ve not been converted, its just that people burned out on it so quick they just can’t bring themselves to say anything positive about the game, like the graphics are dated, or the grinding is horrible or the PVP aspect isn’t that great. Apparently it wasn’t, till gamers got bored with it, now for some reason there are all these flaws that WAR is going to fix, and I’m saying that’s a pipe dream.

    We haven’t even seen the product for either WOTLK or WAR, why make judgments on things unseen?

  22. syncaine says:

    Well to be fair people have seen WAR, it’s in beta. But yea, that’s beta.

    But more to the point, not liking a game and burning out are totally different things. I don’t like EQ2, I burned out on WoW. At the same time, I do think WoW has a crap PvP system. The PvE was great, and I loved it, and that’s why I played for as long as I did. Same with the graphics, in 2004 they were great, in 2008 they don’t look quite as good. It’s ok for a game to age, problem with WoW is they have let it age too much. EVE was released in 2003 on a tiny budget, but CCP has been active and aggressive with it, and today EVE still looks amazing thanks to the upgrades, plus it has tons of content. It’s much harder to burn out on something like EVE than it is on WoW, where so many things have remained unchanged since 2004.

  23. Oakstout says:

    The problem with making some games look awesome, is they take awesome expensive equipment to make them run right, other wise you have to dumb down your settings till your looking at a few stick figures running around the screen. WoW is scalable and when you have an engine like that, you have to set limits on your top end, but I have noticed that they are slowly updating the engine through patches. The game looks much better now than it did at launch and its not just the new zones either.

    I don’t have any first hand knowledge about EvE’s graphics, and to comment on still pictures or youtube videos without actually playing the game first hand, wouldn’t give it justice. Which is the problem I guess I’m having with all these quick to judgment comments concerning WOTLK. If you don’t have first hand knowledge of either WAR or WOTLK why even comment? Videos and still pictures don’t give game play justice or an honest evaluation. To trash WOTLK is about as silly as me trashing EvE even though I’ve never played it. Just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean its not a good game.

    I guess that was my point in the first place.

  24. Winged Nazgul says:

    I’m really not that excited over WAR. For much the same reasons I’m not that excited about WoTLK. AoC was my last hope in the fantasy genre of something that could be different and exciting…and that didn’t really pan out too well.

    That’s not to say I won’t be playing WoTLK or leveling my 70’s and maybe a DK. But that at this same point prior to TBC, I was full of boundless optimism about that WoW expansion and I don’t really feel that way this time around.

  25. Fortuente says:

    I’m not saying WoW sucked at launch but remembering back to all the login server issues, error 132s, loot lag, dupes, and the whole gamut of numerous technical issues I would say it sucks a whole lot less.

    I think WoW is maybe the single best MMO made to date (speaking purely critically, I might put EVE and LOTRO above WoW) but I am right there with everyone else – I am so burnt out it’s not funny. I just can’t bring myself to log in lately. And I’m not terribly thrilled with the direction they are taking the game either for all the same reasons that have already been stated here.

    I have no problem with the graphics though. That is one thing Blizzard got absolutely right. I tire of the art direction like anyone else, but I sincerely appreciate the ability to play the game with a FX5200 or a 9800 GTS, and regardless whether I’m on Windows, Mac or Ubuntu. That was Blizzard’s prime genius right there, I’d say.

  26. Brad says:

    I’m not really excited about WOTLK either. To me, it just seems to be another 10 levels of the same thing, with nothing new or exciting in place – and I could care less about having a Death Knight. How about Blizzard put out a real expansion for once and lets have player housing, guild halls, flying mounts that can fly across the entire world, etc.

    I almost think that Blizzard is just going to milk WOW for as much money as they can, in order to fund development on a newer MMO, WOW2, or whatever it might be. WOW is a good game, but there’s only so much you can do over and over, when other games offer about the same thing with additional options that WOW seems to never want to add in.

  27. jaffar says:

    So true.

    100% burnt out.

    No Wotlk

    Yes WAR

  28. Carl says:

    Ive played WAR beta and although it is a graphical masterpiece compared to wow the plain as day fact is that the movement and controls just cannot match the fluidity of warcraft, and that is why in my opinion it just simply is not the WOW killer everyone seems to think it is.

  29. KC says:

    i dont get what you guys are on about. Ive played war beta too and it just its too graphical it lacks the basic movement and fun of a game which wow has and always will have. People that believe that wotlk is all about pve…..not true at all!! They are making both pve and pvp better. The new ‘moving’ (very interesting) arenas look awsome and the new BG with the buildings being destrucable and seige weapons. now im pretty sure that all that i just said was pvp? And ive played a deathknight and seen the content its an evolved version of wow. Its not this old game fading away anymore it actually almost is a total new game lvling is fun pvp is even more fun. Alot of the UI has been changed for the better and theyve added a load of interesting and worth looking at deatails that makes wotlk unmissable. i think some of you guys have let go too early looking at something which hasnt even developed yet and chucked it away never to look back and missing something which you wish you stayed with. looking at it its gonna be hard for me to get bored for a while with all this new stuff they are putting into it. check wotlkwiki for your-self on the ‘current’ wotlk beta and its getting better.

    This game is no longer a boring grind its changed to make it fun for everyone.

  30. KC says:

    oh and people saying that BC sucked so will wotlk. Wrong that was blizz’s first expansion theya re allowed mistakes they are making no mistakes in this expansion and i wouldnt give up on it

  31. “Oh and uh… want to join my WAR guild? :)”

    Hey Syn, does that offer still stand? ;)

  32. syncaine says:

    Way to necro :)

    Join Casualties of War!

  33. I rolled a Warrior Priest named Warrender on Averheim this morning before work. :D

  34. syncaine says:

    Hit up the website, post an intro, and look for a member online. I’m not an officer, so can’t invite you myself.

  35. Did all the above except look for members online. I don’t want to bother anyone until I get word that I got accepted into the guild.

    Looks like you guys might be full on Averheim.

  36. syncaine says:

    Eh, ‘full’ is not 100% accurate.

    They are not openly accepting everyone, but people are still being invited. I would just hang around on the board, try to meet people in-game, and you will get in. It’s not exactly a l33t guild or anything.

  37. Altherix says:

    One of the reasons I quit WOW a little over a month ago, you hit it on the head.

    Having done all Vanilla WOW dungeons/raids and done all dungeons/raids in TBC less two bosses, (Mu’Ru/KJ) and seeing what’s coming down the pipe WOTLK, its tired and old at this point.

    A lot of bosses in TBC were nothing but variations of Vanilla WOW bosses and WOTLK is more of the same coming down the pipe.

    I’m sure WOTLK will do very well as most people are sheeple, but there’s discontent appearing in the game, or at least when I left. Blizzard, would do well to heed discontent players about the lack of imagination and innovation in new content people pay $15 a month for.

  38. KC says:

    LOL! Altherix…..you clearly didn’t read my post or perhaps got bored some way through? you do relise that one of the main things blizzard is working on for WOTLK IS imagination and innovation in new content. So funny it made me wet myself.WOTLK is nothing like wow its a whole new game with tones of new imaginative stuff….its not just the big stuff but all the little things too.Its not even out atm and the stuff now, like all the UI changes and added things like inscription and certain special abilities for proffesions and barbershop….(lol so fun), crews for zepplins, special announcements and events its amazing and places on azeroth actually get attacked now and show it on the map and much much more. You seen the landscapes too, how any more imaginative can you get! Im sorry for carrying on but that was just so funny.

  39. Tun says:

    A lot of you are saying more more more, new content doesn’t come out fast enough and then you complain about it not being good enough. I’d like to see you go work there and write all the code and put together an expansion. They want to make it good but everyone wants it right now, and I agree with what some others have said, every mmo is going to get boring and dull if you play it constantly, it will happen with WAR too… WAR is what doesn’t excite me, I mean constant PvP??? How can you stand that.. I’m so glad WotLK is more for PvE.. I love doing instances and raids so I’m extremely excited that WotLK is coming out in a couple of days.

  40. Flayya says:

    All that talk about PVP in WoW being weak got me thinking about what I don’t like about PVP. Pretty simple, it is pretty well every contrivance they’ve put on PVP in the game.

    BG’s feel repetitive after a few tries, the idea of earning BG and Arena rewards just encourages going back to the repetitive scenarios. There is a rush when you get those good one-on-ones, the micro-battles in the scenario, but mostly it is gang-rape one way or the other, and you just pick yourself up with no cost besides waiting for the auto-rez or next battle.

    But the PVP itself, in its truest form of being in the open world, is awesome. I’m not talking Halaa or the towers in Terrakor (sp?), talking pure questing or collecting, and seeing a red name nearby. That PvP is golden. It’s personal. If you lose, you lose your self-respect and have to run back from a gy, then try to rez and recover quickly before you might have to defend yourself. Or go hunting and kill the guy that got you. It is awesome. If you play the outdoor questing and collecting game and avoid the contrived PVP ladder, it never gets old.

  41. stoppingby says:

    An above poster said WAR was a graphical masterpiece? are you serious? I’m also burned out on WoW and I picked up war and I honeslty couldnt play it for more than a few hours, amother waste of $50. The game feels empty and its plain ugly, it looks like something from 1998. Its game play is lacking and the immersion is as well. If its what you like, then more power to you I suppose, but it’s not a WoW replacement, thats for sure.

  42. Anons says:

    WoW died a long time ago only because it managed to go above and beyond the normal repetition cycle of gaming. If Blizzard is unwilling to pull out all the stops for an endless game…
    I’m surprised people still play it, then again celebrities excel at making anything seem more interesting than it truly is.

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