I died, DarkFall sucks, I quit!

Last night I got rocked in DarkFall. I mean flat out worked over. I will now /ragequit and take my guild with me; I did not want to play that game anyway!

I logged in, noticed that the latest patch fixed the memory crashing issue (thank god), go into our regular Inquisition PvP group, and went out to kill some people. Things were going well for a while, as we made a large loop towards the north-center of the map, down to the black area in the middle, and back around towards our hamlet, making a quick stop to mess with some Goons. In that trip I believe we killed 6-8 people, with more escaping. As we were riding back to our hamlet, a guild mate let us know three PKs were there killing our harvesters. With a plan to trap all three, our group spread out and more or less circled the hamlet.

The three PKs split and ran, and we chased two of them down in short order and got the kills. The third during this time went BACK to our hamlet and again killed a few naked members at our bindstone. I was the first one back to the hamlet, and rode up to engage him. He pulled out his bow and started tearing into my mount, hitting rather hard. I got a few hit and run attacks in, just trying to keep him entertained long enough for the rest of the group to arrive. When another member showed up, he spawned his mount and tried to escape. When we killed his first mount shortly after, he spawned another and continued his escape.

As he was fleeing west, he quickly hit the coast, and to our surprise jumped into the water, abandoning his mount. At this point we figured he was only delaying the inevitable, and the 4-5 of us chasing started shooting arrows and spells at him, although shooting from the water at a target in the water is rather difficult. As he fled, he continually used mana-to-stamina in order to swim at sprint speed, and a few of our members were not able to keep up due to stam loss. Far out at sea, with one alliance member ahead of our pack, he turned and quickly killed him. I mean, really, really quickly, so fast that even stopping to fight, we were still not able to reach him close enough to melee. A few more minutes, and lots of mana-to-stamina later, he again turned and engaged me and another guild member.

I went down like a load of bricks, as did my fellow guild member shortly after. PK 3, us 0. Part of the problem was at that point, my stamina was shot and I was out of mana-to-stamina regents or stam pots, but blindly continued the chase anyway. Another problem was the guy was just really good, both in how hard he hit and also his player skill. For every hit I got in, he hit me 2-3 times, dodging up and down in the water very well. I believe gear was about even in the fight, as I was in scale/banded with a rank 40 weapon, and I think he was using comparable stuff. I also made the incorrect assumption that more people were still chasing him at this point, and so went into the fight trying to just delay him for the others to catch up; only to later find out everyone else had pulled off due to stamina. I don’t think it would have changed the outcome of the fight, but at least I would not have spent half of it just trying to block with my shield and giving up hits.

I think this was my worst loss to date in terms of gear, as I not only lost the scale/banded armor I had on, but also half a set of banded in my bag, two mounts, a good amount of regents, and other assorted items from our PK trip that I never banked. An expensive lesson for sure, but still one worth learning. Hats off to Ynow (did not catch his last name), you earned all that loot.

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  1. mbp says:

    For some reason that story annoys me. Those tactics, while undoubtedly clever, just have to be immersion breaking. I think it is because of the medieval fantasy setting of the game. I just cannot imagine how “killing by swimming” fits into any kind of credible game lore.

    I would have less of a problem with those kind of tactics in a sci-fi game like EVE. “Clever starship Captain exploits dangerous region of space to defeat superior odds” or some such.

  2. syncaine says:

    he killed me with his weapon in the water, was that not clear? Or am I missing your point?

  3. UFTimmy says:

    I think he means by using the water to drain stamina. To me, a non DarkFall player, that seems lame.

    I’ve read a bunch of blogs where players enter the water and it affects it.

  4. Tesh says:

    “Immersion” breaking? Get it? Oi.

    It actually sounds half decent to me; fighting in water while wearing banded armor must be tiring.

    Darkfall has Marines, apparently.

  5. syncaine says:

    Ah ok. The stam drain was because we were all “sprinting” in the water. If you swim or run at normal speed it does not cost you stam.

  6. Tesh says:

    So he just outpotioned you? Or does the swimming skill have an effect on stam drain rates?

  7. Eyeball says:

    I love the idea of DarkFall but I would probably /ragequit after losing stuff.

  8. Coppertopper says:

    What tesh said. Although I hated strafing tactics in daoc, it seems knowledge is power in swimming combat in darkfall. Sounds like you got beat by a more skilled player all other things being equal, although taking advantage of water/strafing/duckdiving still sounds like poor water combat rules (ie there should be no offense while in water, but people should be allowed ranged attacks on people swimming( but not below surface).

    This was always an issue in daoc.

  9. Beau says:

    If you look up immersion in the dictionary, you will see a picture of a guy magically spawning a horse.


    Just another example of how they stepped just slightly over halfway into “Hardcoresville.”

  10. spinks says:

    Sometimes immersion just means ‘in the water’ :)

  11. mbp says:

    I understand that he used a bow to deliver the killing stroke but wasn’t the whole swimming / stamina pot mechanic his main tactic? It just seems to be more of a game mechanics trick rather than a heroic feat of combat. I don’t play the game so I admit I could be missing something here.

    And yup I walked right into the whole “immersion” pun thing :S

  12. syncaine says:

    I doubt it was his tactic, he was swimming that far out just to escape the 4-5 people chasing him initially. But over the 5 minutes or so of the chase, a few people dropped back because they ran out of stamina and could not keep up, so it went from a 5v1 to a 3v1, with one guy far ahead of me and my guild mate.

    A combo of higher magic/swimming skills helped him escape and retain higher stamina. His actual combat skills (both character and player) are what got him the victory in the 2v1.

    As for water combat itself, its somewhat common because water is usually the best escape from mounted pursuit. It’s actually a nice balance mechanic in that way, since otherwise all combat would be on mounts.

  13. SmakenDahed says:

    Sounds like a smart use of game mechanics and he was clearly prepared to do it if he had more reagents than others did.

    Good plan.

  14. Squirrt says:

    Syn, well the nice thing to know is that he will be back. Success like that only makes one greedy and over confident. Unless he is very smart and decides that prudence is the better part of valor. I look forward to the next story about Ynow vs Syn the rematch.

  15. maljanus says:

    darfall is just pure fail , i loled

  16. PeZzy says:

    I dislike water combat in Darkfall, as many people tend to cheat and shoot mana missiles and arrows under water. A bug that was never properly fixed.

  17. Me says:

    Anyone bother to notice what a pussy this guy is bitching that he got owned, despite the fact he needed a 5v1 advantage before he had the balls to go after him. You’re pathetic. Imagine how bad that guy would rock your ass if you were alone, 1on1. I hope you lost all your best gear, and can only imagine the crying post you’d have wrote if you would have died to 5 players tag teaming you all alone.

    • Dude says:

      He got owned? I’m pretty sure those 5 guys chased that one loser off several times that evening. It happens all the time. Fleeing in darkfall is just far too annoying.

  18. Anonymous says:

    thats freakin awesome, i dont care how that guy died i know the feeling….truly was a big fail when they let all the european guys play on the newly founded NA server list. biggest fail in MMO…..X darkfall gamer

  19. You says:

    “Me,” you are a faggot. He is not bitching. He is tipping his hat to the other player. Have you ever heard of sarcasm, you dripping simpleton?

  20. Ray Venturi says:

    Just decided to quit Darkfall like literally 5 minutes ago. Hate that abomination of a video entertainment game. I wasn’t entertained. Had a jolly ol’ time the first week maybe week and a half then I realized the game is virtually empty, and when you do encounter people they are usually the ones who refuse to give up on the game because they put too much time into it and are in denial which means they are 100 in every skill. So i grabbed a bottle of vodka, held it up and said fuck this gay game, and did what someone in this chain of posts referred to as a Rage-Quit.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. But the worst part is I PAYED FOR THIS GAME!

    I couldof gone to uTorrent and got some ghetto assembly line bullshit game for free which wouldof been better. Woe is me.

    But this is just my opinion, I hope I’m entitled to that whether it is right or wrong or simply just there.

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