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For anyone interested in but not currently playing DarkFall, the number one question/statement is about the upcoming (‘soon’) NA-1 server. People are waiting to buy the game when that server is release, or are holding off digging deeper into DF until that time. At the most basic level it makes sense; if you live in North America, why not wait for the NA release of the game before trying it, right?

The problem is that the perception of this server and its reality are two different things. For starters, when NA-1 does open, it’s won’t really be a North America release. Rumors have it that players on EU-1 will be allowed to transfer to NA-1, but the details of that transfer are currently unknown. Most assume it won’t be a full transfer, as allowing players to bring over items/money would creating a massive land rush in the first hour or so of the server, after which all cities and hamlets would not only be claimed but likely fully built up.

A naked transfer is the next option, which would mean characters with all their skills are allowed to transfer, but without any possessions. While this would delay the initial land rush a bit, it would still only be a matter of hours before the first cities and hamlets are claimed, and it’s very likely that within the first 24 hours everything will be taken. At this point it will only take a few more days for established characters to once again return to their former levels of item power, given how much emphasis the game places on both character and player skill.

Finally a total fresh start could happen; although how that would fall under a ‘transfer’ I’m not sure. Do you just get to keep your character name and customization, but all items/skills are wiped.

If either option 1 or 2 happen, the NA-1 server will certainly not be ‘new’ for new players just joining. If anything, newbie camps will be that much harder to access, with a combination of veterans farming them and high-skilled PKs rampaging through. At least currently on EU-1 most players have moved beyond the starter goblin camps, and while PKs still harass them regularly, it’s not nearly as bad as it was a month ago, and overall those camps are very profitable.

The other major hurdle players waiting for NA-1 will face is game knowledge and player skill, both of which are only gained by actually playing the game itself. Being two or more months behind is going to make the already tough road that much harder. Granted, those that are easily discouraged by setbacks are not the type of player who is going to enjoy DarkFall anyway, so a tough start weeds them out in the first week rather than the first month, but even those cut out for such a game are going to find the first week or so on NA-1 a rougher than normal environment.

Personally, I’m hoping the opening of NA-1 is as close to a fresh start as possible, if simply to level the playing field among players who abused early release bugs to reach impossibly high character skill levels. With the recent removal of skill gain from newbie items, along with shielded players, Aventurine has closed at least a few obvious holes macroers used to get ahead. Players will still find ways to exploit mobs or use other underhanded tricks to get ahead, but with every bug fixed it gets a bit harder for them, and levels the playing field a bit more for honest players. A fresh start would also result in an interesting early scramble among veteran players, who have a fresh start at a familiar world. Hopefully Aventurine will release more details about the whole NA-1 process, but until then we can only speculate.

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  1. Dan Dog says:

    Perhaps the restriction placed on transferring characters will be a delay on their transfer until the server has been up for a while.

  2. Squirrt says:

    Options 1 and 2 appear grim. The suggestion of Dan Dog might work better where there was a 3-5 month wait period for naked tranfers. That might help to discourage players from jumping ship for easy green pastures.

    What % of the server population do you think would leave the EU server for NA if options 1, 2 or 3 was used? What % of the server population would switch if there was a delay?

    What happens to the vacum left in the EU server?

  3. Werit says:

    I would be very disappointed if it was anything less than a fresh start. People transferring names would be fine, but nothing more.

  4. WG says:

    Syncaine, Did you just begin formatting a tiny, serif font for your posts? Those of us with aging, inflexible vision beg you to reconsider!

  5. syncaine says:

    I had my fiancé post, since the site is blocked at work. No worries, no format change, and this post will be updated when I get home.

    I doubt they would do a delayed transfer, too many issues on both sides for that. It will be interesting to see what happens to EU1 when it opens, but they keep increasing capacity right now, so it should be fine.

  6. Kyff says:

    I don’t know what difference a NA server would make for the ingame population. As far as I know the current server – although named EU – is really a world server and the people playing on it live in all possible timezones.

    Same goes with the transfers. Due to the unorthodox distribution method anyone starting now will face an uphill battle against established players. So for newcomers it doesn’t really make a difference what server he/she starts on. On a sidenote I did read in many blogs (this one included) that initial lack of skill and knowledge of the game mechanics is not that much an issue as everybody is able to support his group/clan from the beginning because there are no levels.

  7. syncaine says:

    True Kyff, I was refering to new and unguilded players. Those joining guildmates in established clans won’t have as much trouble..

    One server difference would be the definition of prime time. Currently with everyone on a single server, different guilds have different operating hours. With a EU/US split, that would at least be a bit more clear.

  8. Squirrt says:

    @kyff – the biggest issues of NA server versus a EU would be, 1) Server lag 2) Language, sad to say most of us Americans are mono lingual. Other things to consider would be 3) A fresh start, brand new world that has not been touched or claimed, the world might even be changed or different from EU, who knows.

    My perticular reasons for holding off on DF right now is due to I don’t want the lag, I am waiting 6 months for them to fix many of the kinks, and I just don’t have time right now.

  9. Maedhros says:

    I used to be all gung ho for NA-1, but it worries me.

    Right now, the world is full, players that quit are quickly replaced. Also, there is always something going on due to the different times people play.

    While I am sleeping, I sleep safely knowing that the European contingent of our guild is playing and watching over our city. When I get time to play at 8:00am here in NA I don’t have to wait for my fellow NA buds to come on, I just play with my crazy brit friends.

  10. Snafzg says:

    Why would they spread the pestilence from EU-1 to NA-1? There’s really no benefit to anyone. If people want to change servers, they should create new accounts. At the very least, they should let the single client have access to both servers so you don’t have to buy another copy of the game to play in NA. That way you could play your established chars and your newbie chars over on NA-1.

  11. Bonedead says:

    You only get one character slot though.

    I find it funny that your own blog is blocked at your work.

  12. michael, St E says:

    Is the lag for NA players on the EU-1 server game-breaking. I had got the impression from the blogs that netlag wasn’t having a substantial effect.

  13. Bonedead says:

    Most NA players get around 200 ping from what I’ve heard, that’s what I had, and it was definitely playable.

  14. syncaine says:

    I’m at around 150-180 ping. Would love it to be sub-100, but it’s certainly very playable.

  15. Swift Voyager says:

    There isn’t really any need for them to decide anything or make any concrete decisions. Why not just open the new server to new subscribers, then see if it fills up? If people don’t go for it, then open up some kind of naked transfer. If that doesn’t work, then open up a limited transfer of some kind. If that doesn’t work, then try something else. You could even have some hybrid solution where people can choose between several different types of transfer, for different fees, then the fees could be adjusted to encourage or discourage people as needed.

    I don’t think having experienced players with loads of ingame resources on launch day is a bad thing. They would move away from the starting areas, making room for true noobs. They would establish a community and organize players for activities. They would be available to help new players with advice and skill.

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