Amazing DarkFall Promo Video of Astonishing Wonder

Now normally my super secret plan to get rich from this blog by pimping DarkFall is super secret, but since I feel like getting a soda at lunch today, go watch this video and then buy DarkFall through the link in the top left. Thank you.

(In the interest of semi-full disclosure: Valroth is a member of VAMP, a nice guy, has one of the best characters in the game, and is way way too good at DarkFall. Plus makes better promo videos in his spare time using only in-game footage than some game companies put together for professional release :cough: STO :cough:)

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17 Responses to Amazing DarkFall Promo Video of Astonishing Wonder

  1. Draglem says:

    I don’t get what class his character is. First he has a wand, then a pike, then a bow, then an ax. What gives?!

  2. Quietside says:

    Umm… There are no classes in DF Draglem, he’s just worked the various skills you see him use. A lot.

  3. Damage Inc says:

    Not only are there no classes in DF, there is also no skill point cap like UO or AC. This means that if you have the time, you can max as many skills as you want.

  4. Kyff says:

    (Darkfall related post disclaimer/reminder. If you click the image link near the top-right of this page and buy a DarkFall account, I get paid 20% of the client cost. If you believe this taints my views and reporting on DarkFall your opinion is wrong.)

  5. zentr says:

    Awesome. I was impressed by the shooting of a dragon out of the sky and the ship combat.

  6. Draglem says:

    How do you form a group if there are no classes? Does everyone tank?

    • Quietside says:

      PvE is pretty different in DF, monsters tend to throw more missiles/spells and move a lot more than they do in more traditional “target/click” play. The closest thing I can describe to tanking would be one or more members of your group using shields to block damage and hold a critter’s attention while the rest of the group rains down damage on it. But the creature will change targets, run away, or get help, so fights rarely have the sort of waltzy pace that they do in other games. Since skills are developed by behaviours, someone who spends a lot of time shield-wielding and absorbing damage will develop his defensive and damage resistance skills (though the difference is not as pronounced as in other games). A character who practices archery will be somewhat less durable, as he is ideally not getting hit as often by fighting at range. There is nothing but preference and prerequisites (some skills are only available with certain stat/skill combos beforehand) to limit what you do in a night, or a fight.

  7. Sean says:

    Finally figured out what Darkfall’s combat reminds me of: Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2. The melee and spell casting look eerily similar to saber battles and some force spells/bowcasters respectively. They both seem to offer the same level of feedback in combat (particularly the animations) though JK:DF2 was published in 1997. That’s not too much of a knock against the game as the core fighting mechanics of Jedi Knight were incredibly solid and fostered a community of active players for nigh on 5 years but it is a testament to the sort of graphical fidelity of Darkfall.

    • Adam says:

      Interesting comparison, I never played that game multiplayer so it didn’t occur to me.

      If you play Darkfall the expansive world, solid framerate under fast chaotic fights and sheer ability to handle the biggest battles will pretty much blow away most people’s crying about some of the animations and textures etc.

      The light of the moons moving across the sky and the shadows of the branches of trees are just hypnotic tbh.

      The technical accomplishment of the engine handling the huge fights we’ve had (remember each spell and arrow is a 3d object moving through the air and needs to be reported to all the clients) is just stunning and very very underreported.

  8. Stabs says:

    Really nice video.

  9. Anne says:

    how’s the latency in darkfall? is it worth playing from down under? (no not Hell, but close enough)

    • SynCaine says:

      You’d have to do some searching on the forums to find that out. I do know Aussie players play, so it must be decent, but I don’t know exactly HOW decent.

    • Adam says:

      We actually have 5-10 aussies and kiwis in our clan. They all love the game like the rest of us and several of them do very well in pvp.

      I’ve never noticed them crying about latency so I assume it’s a non-issue.

      The na-1 server is in LA(?) and I think is pretty close to the Australian-US fiber link.

    • Beleg Firebreath says:

      Val Roth, the author of this video, is from Australia.

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