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Early impressions of Riot's Legends of Runeterra

Riot released their online card game, Legends of Runeterra (LoR), last week. Since then I’ve played it a bit and have some thoughts. This is by no means a review. First off, LoR in many ways is very similar to … Continue reading

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Kenshi – Exploring the past

Just when I think I have Kenshi figured out, it throws me for sure a loop it makes my head spin (analogy mixing!) I’m on day 60 or so now in-game, and have a roster of 28 characters. The roster … Continue reading

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Kenshi – Trip to some local ruins goes just great!

As I mentioned in my review, Kenshi will give you a whole lot of WTF moment. I had one yesterday, and would like to share. I bought a map from an NPC vendor, which revealed that a ruin was somewhat … Continue reading

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This War of Mine gets free “Final Cut” update

I glowingly reviewed This War of Mine back at the start of 2016. To date its still one of the more unique and powerful games I have ever played. The game received a free update recently, which is a testament … Continue reading

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Outer Worlds: Thoughts after finished the main quest

I beat Outer Worlds this weekend, finishing the main quest. I specifically state the main quest because I skipped all side quests from about the halfway point in the game. My character was level 24 at the end; the level … Continue reading

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The Outer Worlds: A few more thoughts

A few more thoughts on Outer Worlds as I continue to play it: To start, I’m still very much enjoying it overall. It’s not flawless, but has far more good than bad, and even the bad isn’t ‘oh god this … Continue reading

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China takes a loss, lapdog Blizzard is still a problem

Blizzard apologized with their actions, but not their words. That’s… something. Let me be very clear about what the words and actions mean before I dive into what I think of it all. China, via Blizzard, reduced the penalty, which … Continue reading

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