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Digital board games are fine, mostly

Quick post today, just to officially start the “back in the office” blogging era. Humble Bundle had a deal on PC games base on board games, like Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Pathfinder Adventures. Overall I’m happy with the purchase, … Continue reading

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The right and wrong of game design evolution

‘Evolving’ a popular design sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. Lets look at two examples for today. First up in the ‘doesn’t’ category is Castle Burn, a mobile game that tries to be an evolution of Clash Royale. Like CR, Castle Burn … Continue reading

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Business is about to pick up

Little programming update for everyone: I’ve accepted a new job, which means two very important things. The first of course is here (yes, this post is 99% an excuse to link to that song, because come on, its awesome), the second is … Continue reading

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Pre-vacation update

No, I have not given up on the blog just yet. I actually have half a dozen posts in draft form, but none of them got finished. Ah well. Updates time. I got a new keyboard during Amazon Prime days, … Continue reading

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Fantasy Football is here again, join up

Quick note: We have two potential spots in our blog reader Fantasy Football league. If you are interested in joining, drop a note here (with a valid email) or email me.

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Total War: Warhammer DLC is pretty great too

I wrote before about my enjoyment of Total War: Warhammer 2, and how while basically a reskin of the first game, its a reskin worth the $60 price tag. Today I’m going to talk about how the DLC is also … Continue reading

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Hard mode is often the right mode

I’ve long preached that difficulty can bring out the best in games, and today I have another example. I’ve been playing Total War: Warhammer 2 for a bit now, first finishing a game with the High Elves on Normal, and … Continue reading

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