It’s the holidays, go out and gank someone!

What you can learn about DarkFall from this holiday image from Aventurine:

1: Two people are fighting, three are combat looting, and one is standing around being ‘kind of a big deal’. The best geared guy is doing the least.

2: The raiding party attacked naked, did some asset destruction, and then started to run away when the defenders geared up.

3: The defenders zerged the attackers, who are just a small, elite clan looking to PvP.

4: The Christmas tree zap tower is OP, carebear, another step towards Trammel, and should be removed, NOW!!1!11!one!!

5: The fish barrel behind the tree still has not been looted, because it’s not actually worth the effort of clicking ‘F’ to get one or two random fish.

6: “Marry Gankfest and a Happy New Gear” made me lulz, but I’m easy like that.

Happy Holidays blogosphere, and may we all have a flaming good 2010!

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2 Responses to It’s the holidays, go out and gank someone!

  1. sid67 says:

    I took out Santa and his elves at the mall but all I got was a bunch of fake gifts and a photograph. Now the police are looking for me.

    Somehow I don’t think this ‘ganking’ people thing is the best advice for the holidays…

    PS: It didn’t help that my getaway plan involved hi-jacking Santa’s sleigh. I don’t know what riding skill you need to use it, but I couldn’t even make the damn thing fly.

  2. bonedead says:

    I like how !!111!!1 is still funny after all these years.

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