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Over the weekend a decent amount of Guild Wars was played, both by Aria and I in the Prophesies settings and solo when I created a Dervish in the NightFall campaign.

Our duo finally left the starter area, and overall we come out less than impressed. The quests featured far too much walking while offering no real storylines, and the old problem of too many collectibles for the amount of bag space you are given was very present. To make matters worst, knowing where to turn something in required either previous research or random wandering, and the final reward never seemed worth the effort. Bonus points for having collectible items not marked as collectibles, making them look like vendor junk until you stumble upon some collector and find out those gray spider legs you just sold can in fact be turned in for a minor item upgrade. Something like this might work once we are a bit more established in an MMO, but in a starter area? Meh, no thanks.

My time with the Dervish was far more positive, with not only generally more interesting PvE content, but a more streamlined approach in showing off the game. It’s not exactly night and day between the two settings, but it’s very noticeable. I also tried out an Assassin, but that running animation… dear god.

I think the plan going forward is to have Aria switch over to the NightFall campaign (rolling a Paragon perhaps?), and seeing how that goes. We are both certainly still far too early into GW to make any real judgment on it, and with no monthly fee, picking it up and playing only once a week is very possible.

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8 Responses to Switching campaigns

  1. Maladorn says:

    Makes sense. Nightfall is the newest campaign, and my personal favorite. Hope you enjoy your time in Istan and beyond.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Personally I ignored the whole collectibles crap, and focused on the primary quests, the ones that lead you to Missions. Come to think about it, missions were perhaps the reason why Prophecies was enjoyable for me. If you’re making all these judgments immediately after leaving pre-searing, I recommend you at least do the first couple missions to get a better idea of what Proph is all about. Either way, if NF is what floats your boat, have fun.

    • SynCaine says:

      So I take it missions are different than quests in Explorable areas? I noticed an icon of sorts pop up after a ‘quest’ in NF (burning the boats), was that a mission? If Proph is like that once you are out of pre-searing, I’d be cool with that.

      • Makiyivka says:

        Missions are the main story-line quests that usually start from their own outpost. Your party leader will have an ‘Enter Mission’ button on the party tab that will launch them if you are in the mission outpost. Your first actual mission in Proph is to leave pre-searing.

        You should generally have an entry under ‘Primary Quest’ that will lead you along the path to your next actual Mission. Mission outposts also have their own style of marker on the world map.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, that burning the boats part in NF was the first NF mission. The missions in Proph and the other campaigns tell the main story line and are basically what makes the game worth playing. Like Makiyivka said, your Primary Quests will eventually lead you into the missions so you can advance in the story.

  3. Makiyivka says:

    “To make matters worst, knowing where to turn something in required either previous research or random wandering, and the final reward never seemed worth the effort.”

    For what it’s worth, your world map should always have the next general location of your currently selected quest highlighted in green. If you are in the right zone, then this should be in the form of a green star-burst shape. If you need to go to a new zone, then the map should show either a green star-burst at the nearest zone-portal (if you’re in an instance) or the name of the zone will be written in green (if you’re in an outpost).

    As to whether the quests are worth the effort….eh, sometimes :)

    • SynCaine says:

      Oh quest locations were no problem, the map does a good job with that. But at least in the pre-searing area, you also have a lot of collector NPCs that stand around in various locations, and those afaik don’t show up on the map at any point.

  4. Hunter says:

    Yeah I wouldn’t bother with collector stuff too much unless you’re hurting for cash and want to get the collector armour. in which case I would say just check out the wiki for the appropriate research. save yourself the pain.

    Nightfall is a great place to start though, it has the story elements of prophecies and the stream lined leveling of cantha.

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