DarkFall: New video

The good: This video looks great in terms of atmosphere and immersion.

The bad: If the new sound and lighting can be turned off.

Don’t blow it Aventurine.

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13 Responses to DarkFall: New video

  1. Dril says:

    While it’s quite nice (and a great platform for mroe immersion), it’s not like “logically triggered music” is something revolutionary. I’m pretty sure most MMOs change the music when you enter a new area.

    Oh, I forgot: darkfail suxx lol, ur such a fanboi syncaine, srsly jsut stop bluging kthxbai.

    • SynCaine says:

      Are you possibly suggesting that a promo video may potentially contain some slightly suggesting PR speak that may or may not be 100% truthful in an attempt to highlight a feature and generate interest in a product?



      • Dril says:

        GREAT NEWS!

        I just made this nifty new car design addition. It’s this amazing design feature which, get this, allows the car to roll along any surface with relative ease: circular in shape, “dynamically shifting polymer sleeves to allow extra friction when necessary” (only £50 if you buy in bulk!) and using this incredible new material called “metal” gives it extra sturdiness and strength!


  2. Wyrmrider says:

    I watched it twice, and as an audio guy I was going to geek out and analyze the thing line-by-line, but I’ll spare you that. :) Long story short — it’s 2011, FMOD and WWise have been around for almost a decade. Every feature listed in the video is more or less industry standard.

    Don’t get me wrong, it sounds great! There might even be a couple cases where their layering/mixing/effects are more sophisticated than the norm, for example in the treatment of indoor and outdoor sounds when you’re inside a building. (Hard to judge this sort of thing without actually playing and experiencing those shifts.)

    But calling it “groundbreaking for an MMO” is objectively false.

  3. Wizarth says:

    That looked (and sounded) really rather nice. The use of echo effects on noises would be potentially realistically painful during battle.

    I also have to say, that’s the first DF video where I wasn’t watching it going “I have no idea whats going on”. I guess that’s a trouble with fan videos – in many cases the reason they appeal to other fans is based on existing knowledge. I have the same problem when I try to show someone an EVE video.

  4. Zapod says:

    Not sure what the issue with the video is. The sound and lighting effects are relevant and immersive. Of course if you don’t like the pretty castle music you can always turn it off.

  5. Jordan says:

    really like it, looks like it would really help with immersion.

    Has Darkfall improved the PvE experience much since…about 2 or 3 months after launch? If they can make the PvE as big a part of the game as the PvP…i’d be rejoining. Beef up the dungeons and keep improving the rest of the game and i’ll definitely be coming back.

    • Shadow says:

      I just wanted a major improvement in the ever-present lag. I was told that was getting fixed sometime in the nebulous future.

      • Grimhawke[EB] says:

        I took a break for about 8 months but resubbed recently and have been having a blast. The servers are really stable these days and they even moved the physical location from the West Coast to Chicago recently so East coast players like myself are no enjoying 40-50ms ping! I have a guildmate in Chicago proper who gets 8-10ms LOL.

        The client is much more stable as well, there’s no more out of virtual memory errors (at least in Windows 7).

        The only thing left to do is fix the ‘load lag’ effect – the slight stutter you get whenever players load into the area you’re in. It’s not game changing as far as actual combat goes, but it does give players early warning when another player is incoming.

        • SynCaine says:

          Are EB back, or just you and a buddy?

        • Grimhawke[EB] says:

          EB went through a period of low activity for a while. When I took a break, so did a few others. At one point we had about 7-8 guys keeping the tag alive. We had a couple people resub and recruited some new guys and are pretty active again these days. I also have a bet going with one of our guys who is playing WOW right now that if I win he has to play darkfall again or pay for my account LOL.

        • SynCaine says:

          Might have to ping you in-game. I think return time is here for me as well.

    • Grimhawke[EB] says:

      Hmm, well if you haven’t played since 2-3 months after launch, the game is very different. With respect to dungeons, all of them have been revamped and daily quests have been added to each one (some with very good rewards).

      There’s nothing like a WoW dungeon raid if that’s what you’re looking for. The closest thing to that would be the Demon that spawns in the middle of the map once a day which requires a group to kill and has these things you can destroy with battlespikes which make killing him easier. I think there are plans to introduce some more ‘epic’ mobs like that in the future. I really wish they would change the Fire Dragon AI as well. It is really annoying when you’re trying to kill it and it goes and flies after someone who walked into its huge agro radius.

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