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While DarkFall is a PvP game first and foremost, even our very PvP-focused guild is not out ganking 24/7.  A few of our members were exploring recently, and found a new dungeon we had not seen before. Gathering a group of 10, we set out to bash some Orcs.  The dungeon is rather difficulty, as the orcs have a ton of HP (hence all the blood) and hit like trucks. Even while blocking with a shield, you still take 4-5 point of damage (normally you take zero). They drop rank 30 and 40 weapons, lots of gold/gems, and have a chance to drop a chest key worth 4000 gold and magic items, making the trip very worthwhile.

The surround and pound tactic

The surround and pound tactic


Since the mobs don’t just stand still and let you beat on them, boxing them in is key. In the shot above, we try and hold more than one orc, and use the wall to help form the box.

Wonder how well blood washes out of scale?

Wonder how well blood washes out of scale?

Here you see that arrows stick to mobs and players, mobs with lots of HP tend to shed a lot of blood, and once again we try to form a box to trap the orcs. The actual formation of the box is also important, since you want to avoid friendly fire as much as possible. Hits in the back do extra damage, and those are the most likely to happen when you miss an orc and hit the guy next to you. Also, should anyone be killed, a hit in the back has a higher chance of insta-death rather than the player being knocked down, so again formation is important.

Stories of ganking noobs told round a campfire

Stories of ganking noobs told round a campfire

 Loaded up with loot, we recall back home. One final note: We used a master looter system in the dungeon, although DF has nothing built-in to actually support this.  However, since unlike in most MMOs, anyone is able to loot a corpse, it was easy enough to elect one member to loot and skin the mobs, while everyone else was able to focus on combat. Not only did this make splitting the loot at the end much easier, it also let everyone focus on combat instead of chasing tombstones and taking shots in the back. Had we been attacked by other players, it would also have been easier for that one player to run away while the rest of us bought him time (assuming it was a situation we knew we were going to lose). It’s small details like this that continue to reinforce the idea that the best MMO rules are the ones the players make, not the designers. Sure you deal with the starting area goblins being occasionally looted from you by another noob, but I’ll take that over a built-in master looter system that costs you an epic by error any day.

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10 Responses to DarkFall PvE screenshots

  1. heartless_ says:

    My guess is more “epics” are lost in your system per day, than “epics” are lost in a hard-coded master loot system due to a bug over a span of a year :)

  2. Hirvox says:

    The upside is that you can “appeal” a bad call by the master looter by using your sword.

  3. syncaine says:

    @Heartless: Tell that to my old raiding guild and they will have a good laugh. Also, rather hard to lose epics in a game without them, but that’s a tough concept.

  4. ixobelle says:

    It’s small details like this that continue to reinforce the idea that the best MMO rules are the ones the players make, not the designers.

    Very true. I dunno if we’re supposed to be bitter rivals now or what, but I liked the post with the ‘king of the hill’ thing your guild was doing on the scaffolding, too. Creating games within the game are one of the best parts about this entire genre in general. It’s hard to balance that fine line between “give them enough freedom to make their own rules” and “fuck shit they’re out there exploiting loopholes”.

    WoW (don’t worry, I’ll be brief) has this issue with addons. I think it’s cool that you can code an addon that tracks certain things, but wish they would just be done with it and break the functionality of threat meters. Watching ‘a bar’ instead of watching ‘the big axe’ sucks all the fun out of a tough fight.


  5. Solidstate says:

    So… PvE tactics in DF are about boxing in mobs and hitting till someone is dead? Is that as good as it gets or are there any interesting bosses to fight?

    I can see why Keen prefers to PvP only in DF…

  6. syncaine says:

    @ixobelle: We can have different views on games, it’s cool. Over modding a game like WoW is one of the reasons healers suffer the most raid burnout, all they do is stare at a few hp bars and use whatever heal mod they have to heal.

    @Solidstate: Oversimplified, but its not a scripted dance like a PvE game, no. The game is a PvP game, and has PvE in it. The fun part of that PvE is you can bring whoever to it, and just have a good time as a guild. Don’t need tightly scripted encounters to have fun with a guild group, imo.

  7. Jason says:

    Is Darkfall always so dark? No lit-up areas that would allow better photos?

  8. syncaine says:

    We were in a cave, so it was dark. The world is bright during the day, gets rather dark at night. Most of the screen shots our guild takes are also rather ‘spur of the moment’ stuff, rather than well planned/staged shots. But no, overall the world is bright enough.

  9. Squirrt says:

    Do you have any clue when they will be opening up the NA servers. And the effect of such on the EU servers?

  10. syncaine says:

    No set date for the NA server, but it will open before EU-2, and it will likely be a naked character transfer. They are increasing sales this week, likely to fill up EU-1 and set up a population for NA-1.

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