Eurogamer talks Darkfall, again

Eurogamer has an article up about Darkfall.

Who wants to play “count the errors”? It’s like the ‘journalism’ version of Where’s Waldo, fun for the whole family.

I also love how they include two videos of the game, one a short spell animation video and another showing idle animations. Not only are both videos rather old, but also not in any way intended to actually show off the game to anyone but the super hardcore who want to watch a video of the new idle animations. It’s as if Eurogamer could not even be bothered to log in for five minutes to take a screen shot or something… oh wait. Nevermind. Congrats on actually including a Darkfall video in a post about Darkfall, rather than a Mario64 preview clip. /golfclap

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2 Responses to Eurogamer talks Darkfall, again

  1. epic.Ben says:

    Very curious about your take on Darkfall. I regretted not getting into DF early so that I could macro my way up like everyone else; coming in late felt … well, not worth it.

    I’m not being sarcastic by the way, I’m serious – DF is a great game but I didn’t want to be a punching bag for people that macro’d early :)

    I’m personally psyched about a relaunch for that reason, specifically.

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