Battlefield 3 Open Beta

Battlefield 3 open beta is now live and I got the chance to play it a bit last night. It’s a gorgeous game. Flat out the best looking game I’ve played to date. And it runs well, with none of this “Ultra settings choke even a NASA computer” crap you get sometimes. Same goes for the audio; it sounds great and really pulls you into the game.

I’m not the biggest FPS fan, so tiny details are basically lost on me, at least from an ultra-competitive perspective. I don’t know/care which weapons are slightly more powerful than others, the number of milliseconds it takes to jump/sprint/whatever. Maybe Battlefield 3 is great in this respect, maybe worse. I’m not the person to say one way or the other. To me Battlefield 3 plays like a shooter. It plays similar-enough to Bad Company 2. That’s not bad per-se, but the first hour with the game felt like playing another hour of BC2, just with better visuals and a different map.

If I was hurting for titles to play, I’d pick up Battlefield 3 to kill some time with. ‘Unfortunately’, I have more than enough games to play right now, and a bunch of titles waiting in the wings. The price point is also tough to justify. While $60 itself is not a big deal, the fact that I can pick up games for $5-$10 off Steam makes dropping the money tougher to justify. Knowing that the game will go on sale for half the price or less at some point is also a factor.

My plan is to enjoy the beta until it ends, and then pick the game up on sale to at least play the single player game, and perhaps mess around with multi-player, although having to unlock all the guns and accessories (again) somewhat sours that aspect. Funny statement coming from an MMO player, but there you go.


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6 Responses to Battlefield 3 Open Beta

  1. professer says:

    I wish it played more like BF2 than BC2, but I can’t really expect that from them. BF2/2142 still have plenty of people still playing.

    The game looks amazing, sadly though. I refuse to buy any newer games from EA now, let alone pay over 50 for a game (sales do happen though). Its more of a personal thing really. Oh, I dont care for their Origin service either.

    Anyone else find it odd how the matchmaking is done through a browser and not ingame? (From what I’ve read)

  2. miyodarcy says:

    I am really really disappointed with BF3… In my opinion the game and the whole industry goes the wrong direction. I wrote about the game on my blog as well:

  3. coppertopper says:

    Didn’t realize it until you said it, but yes – it really does feel like BFBC2, without the wide open destructible environments. There are some nice touches, like the suppression mechanic and blinding mechanic. But the levelling and weapons are exactly BFBC2.

    Well here’s hoping in 6 months they’ll release BF3142.

    • professer says:

      But why not just revert to better times and play BF2/2142? Things will only get worse as the industry keeps heading towards oblivion.

  4. Adam D. says:

    I’ll enjoy the conquest maps again… I like the vehicles and the wide open maps over the Rush scenarios.

    Honestly if BC2 actually had more than just tanks, there’d likely still be a ton more people playing it.

    But yes, it does look damn good… my 550 Ti can run most of it on high or Ultra with no video lag.

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