I’d play Classic WoW

I think I’m in for vanilla WoW if its done right. ‘Done right’ is of course the key, and with New Blizzard, I think its safe to say the odds are great they are going to screw it up by enabling something dumb like cross-realms, or phasing, or some form of WotLK-era welfare. But that’s a topic for another day, when Blizzard gives us more info.

Today I want to talk about why I’d go back. For one, vanilla WoW was some of the best MMO gaming for me in my long run with the genre, and at least some of that time was prior to getting into top-end raiding. I want to see if it still holds up, in large part because I believe it will. A lot of people are saying that quests like “kill 10 of this, then kill 5 of that in the same place” are terrible and should be replaced, but to me that sounds far too similar to people saying that mining in EVE is boring and should be made more fun and interactive. On paper that sounds correct, but when you consider how that gameplay HAS held up, and how many people enjoy it, there must be something to it.

That something is the fact that you play an MMO for a long time, so the basics need to be… well basic. If every quest is some new ‘figure it out’ thing, you not only tire of that after the 100th quest, but you also run into quests that really suck, and content that sucks sticks out far more than good/great content. If you keep it consistent (kill 10), you keep the fun consistent. The same goes for combat; its the most basic and core activity you do in an MMO like WoW, and if its too taxing (long rotations, too heavy an emphasis on movement), it goes from being fun and engaging for the first few hours to a chore in hour 100, and hour 100+ is what you should judge an MMO by, not the first 100. Yes, that sounds crazy, but WoW in 2005 wasn’t successful because the first 100 hours were magic (though they were for most because it was their first MMO), it was successful because it kept millions playing well beyond the first 100 hours.

I’m also personally interested in playing it because I could duo with my wife, and vanilla leveling content was very good for duos. Sure you spent more time on the ‘collect x’ quests, but there were plenty of areas where having another player helped, and dungeon content is far easier when you already have 2 of the 5 people you need to bring. I’m also guessing that if this is done right, a lot of the INQ crew would give it a shot, so putting together full groups for dungeons would also be pretty easy and fun.

I also hope this happens correctly because it would be a very interesting test for the genre as a whole. If Classic WoW is basically 2005 WoW, and it becomes massively successful, that will send a strong message to everyone. It could, potentially, undo all the damage WotLK+ did, where devs were copying the bad version of WoW and bringing all its junk forward, then claiming its the players and not the games that were the reason for failure.

Will any of this happen? Guess we will find out ‘soon’.

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7 Responses to I’d play Classic WoW

  1. Maineiac says:

    Blizzard said in an interview with Eurogamer this weekend that they are not planning to include LFG and LFR in classic. They explicitly stated that they wanted the classic server to have the same community feel as the good old days. So far I’m cautiously optimistic.

    That being said, I’m in too. You have my axe!

  2. Pendan says:

    I think one of the biggest issues would be if they allowed you to get gold through WoW Tokens. Gold was so much harder to get in vanilla so being able to use real money to buy gold would greatly change the economy.

    • Trego says:

      “being able to use real money to buy gold would greatly change the economy.”

      Erm, did you play Classic Wow. You *were* able to to use real money to buy gold. I never did, but I know tons who did, and none of the buyers got banned. Gold sellers probably did eventually. They didn’t start effectively resetting gold off the buyers/banning buyers until after vanilla. I don’t know how I feel about them adding WoW tokens to vanilla, but you have to look at elements like WoW tokens in context with the entire situation with illegal gold buying and the effectiveness of anti-botting measures. The plus side of WoW tokens, even if you’re against f2p crap, is that if gold selling is going to happen anyway, might as well be legit rather than via shady sites, as it then provides an incentive for the game company to keep the economy vital.

  3. zaphod6502 says:

    I don’t see the appeal of going back to Vanilla. My memories of playing Vanilla were long grinds and boring fetch quests and spending too many hours doing endgame raid grinds. I much prefer the game the way it is now where I can jump in for some quick fun after a new expansion comes out and jump out again.

  4. bonedead says:

    I’ll probably be there at launch just so I can say I was at both launches. I predict I make it to level 12 before quitting.

  5. Kryss says:

    Played on some pirate wow servers, before they were shut down or died due some drama. Totaly will play blizzard vanilla on start, even pirate server wow was still good after all these years.

  6. Jonneh says:

    I’ve played on quite a few private servers, I usually got to the 30-40 range before giving up as the lack of people began to be a problem. Playing on lights hope servers at the minute though and there is a lot of others playing so hoping I’ll last on this one longer.

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