EVE: The best in the world

This is an amazing read. It’s long, but if the real 4th pillar of MMOs interests you, it’s well worth your time (and I believe even non-EVE players should understand it). Stories of this scale ONLY happen in EVE, yet they are exactly the kind of stuff that all MMOs should be about.

I was discussing the above on vent last night with some Corp mates, and we all mentioned how we would never think to do something like this. And really, even the person telling the story did not come up with the original plan, he noticed someone else doing it. The layers to EVE are deep, and just when you think you ‘get it’, something like this comes along and makes you realize how little of the ‘real’ game you see or understand.

In a slight “I was there” moment, I remember a few months back, when I was buying faction fits for my CNR, seeing a page full of overpriced BCUs and wondering wtf was going on. Now I knew to fix the sort in the contract window, so did not buy the marked-up items, but I never put one and one together to figure out what was going on. Of course even if I had, I’m orders of magnitude too poor to do anything with that info.

What I always keep in mind, and what I have stated here often, is that EVE attracts the “smartest guy in the room” crowd. Making a ton of money in WoW or some similar game is easy because you are competing against ‘children’, in an environment that does not care about your wealth (until you hit the gold cap). In EVE, not only are you competing against, literally, the best in the world, you are playing in an environment where god (CCP) cares, and will change the rules of the universe to ensure some semblance of balance.

When you become super-rich (and hence powerful) in EVE, you not only prove that you are one of the best in the world at what you do, but that your power is so great that you influence god’s hand.

That is epic.

No joking-quotes needed.

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  1. steelhunt says:

    Meanwhile, in Gevlonland…

    • carson630000 says:

      Haha yeah there was a guy out there making a 9 billion ISK weekly pension for doing NOTHING except keeping quiet about the contract scheme, and Gevlon assumes anyone who won’t jump around to save 3 million is a moron..

  2. coppertopper says:

    So some gamers exploited an economic error in an already convoluted in-game economy, and lazy devs (with an actual economist on the payroll right?) too busy selling $80 monicles let them get away with it until the next patch, and these people are godly in your opinion?

    • Sand says:

      yes. of such coincidences gods are made.

      they noticed it, you didn’t. ergo, they got rich and everyone else got poor.

    • SynCaine says:

      Convoluted or complex?

      And this way of displaying contracts was in the game for as long as contracts have been in (years).

      In other words, while anyone COULD have done this, only a very few did, and they did it in such a way to get incredibly rich. Then, when rich, were smart enough to ensure they STAY rich.

      (The title on EVEnews24 is misleading. This is not a scam. It’s market manipulation)

      • coppertopper says:

        Complex economy sure, but sounds like they took advantage of a convoluted UI (from what i can follow – dont speak Eve). Its not like they bought crap that could be sold for profit in another system – and its also different then say making money off currency exchange rates. It seems some error in the UI was taken advantage of to create billions of ISK out of thin air, also not great for an in game economy. And holy hell who on the dev team didnt notice a very small guild raking in millions doing nothing? Grats to these guys for working the system, but they shouls have every penny stripped since this exploit was fixed with a patch.

        • SynCaine says:

          Ok, maybe the story was not understandable to non-EVE players :)

          They were not making money out of thin air; they were selling goods to players. Players who were not noobs (or at least had a lot of ISK).

          The UI part is basically this: Say the auciton house shows you ten items per page, and the default sort is date and then price. This guy basically listed 11 items on the AH, all highly overpriced, and when the date of all his listings got front-paged, people bought his stuff because to them it looked like that was the best price.

          Rinse-repeat on a super-high volume AH, on items worth millions of ISK each, and prevent others from also doing this.

        • coppertopper says:

          gotcha…mostly. Clearly over my head here, but i see its just player money getting re-distributed.

        • coppertopper says:

          B the way, what part of the following is supposed to be understandable even by non-eve player?:
          “…most of my income was from bounties. When my LP got too high I went to Jita, bought a few hundred thousand scourge, converted the lot of them and dumped them to buy orders. The idea of an isk/lp rate didn’t occur to me, LP was just this stuff that accumulated and I was making a little extra on the side from it.”

        • SynCaine says:

          LP = faction points you earn from completing missions.
          Jita = market hub
          Scourge = missiles

          You spend LP + Scourge to get faction Scourge, which sell for more ISK. Jita is often used because like the world’s biggest mall, it has EVERYTHING for sale and at decent (not best) prices.

          (I retract the ‘non-EVE’ part) :)

        • coppertopper says:

          noted heh – each MMO has its own shorthand

  3. Will says:

    For anyone that needs a translator LP = loyalty points. When you help out one of the NPC groups they give you some points. You can turn them in, along with an item, to get a sweet faction version of that item.

    Jita is a trade hub, scourge is type of basic ammo that he was exchanging for the faction version (+15% damage), and isk is the game’s currency, bounties are direct cash rewards for killing pirates.

    Eve news 24 is an Eve specific site so expect some jargon when you go there.

    The story is about how he went from battling pirates for the NPC groups, to helping others turn in their LP quickly and efficiently (the system can be a bit convoluted), to cornering the whole faction gear market for his own profit. Great stuff.

    None of it is close to an exploit that he could be punished for. I don’t even think it’s fair to call it a scam.

    Scamming is fine in Eve except for a very small number of cases.

  4. bernardparsnip@yahoo.com says:

    I like the fact that UI bugs make for interesting stories rather than forum QQ.

    • Kobeathris says:

      Honestly, this wasn’t even really a bug, it was just a strange way to have the default sort setup.

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