Blogging 101

Remember that post about how to make it big in blogging?

I present you with exhibit A.

Well played Ravious, well played.

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7 Responses to Blogging 101

  1. Wow, 3346 comments on that post! That beat out EA Louse by more than 2x, and he had SWTOR fanboy rage fanning the fires!

  2. Cyndre says:

    Ravious almost broke our blog!

    Also, we got more page views in 24 hours than 99% of the blogosphere gets in a year!

  3. zubonganai says:

    I need a tool to track how many of the IP addresses that commented for the contest ever come back.

    Alternately, I need another set of 20 invitations for the next GW2 event and a lot of ads.

  4. bhagpuss says:

    I’m just surprised how many GW2 fence-sitters there still are. I would have thought everyone who was interested would have pre-purchased by now.

    • spinks says:

      Yeah, please let me pay £50 up front to play for a couple of beta weekends (if they happen to fall when I’m free) while they still haven’t announced launch date :P

    • Yeah, seconding Spinks here. I am not so hard up for a new game that I need to spend the money today for a promise that someday I’ll get a game.

      I also haven’t put down the cash for Torchlight II yet either, and I know I will be buying that.

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