Darkfall Promotion; Testing the importance of character progression

Darkfall Promotion Info

The forums are excited about this, and they should be. Short-term this will certainly work for DF, and the high player interest will result in more PvP, which will further fuel interest/action.

Long-term this is of course not sustainable. No one is going to be fighting over farming spots or villages when everyone already has more gear bags than they know what to do with (unlike EVE, DF is rather poor in terms of removing items from the game due to PvP). Same goes for PvE’ing for the sake of character progression. At 20x skill increases, everyone will be maxed shortly, and that aspect of the game will be dead.

The result will be sieges for the sake of sieging/PvP, with everyone being maxed and in max gear. How long THAT stays interesting I’m not sure. On the one hand it resembles a FPS’s deathmatch system more than an MMO, but on the other hand FPS deathmatches have been known to keep people interested for a long time, and DF does have an amazing combat system going for it.

Of course, long term might be a non-factor if DF2.0 is even remotely close to release (under a year). That, however, is a giant ‘if’.

At least the wipe question has been confirmed :)

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4 Responses to Darkfall Promotion; Testing the importance of character progression

  1. Il Cane says:

    There will a wipe, that’s a fact.
    But the promotion is good enough to see a lot of people (including me) returning. And we know AV needs all the money they can get to complete DF 2.0. Is good for everyone involved, players and the company, i hope AV do not screw this up,

  2. KSC says:

    I just hope DF2.0 isn’t going to be a big persistent deathmatch. Clearly that’s what they’re going for with this promotion… but I’d like to see more sandbox tools than anything else in the next incarnation. Don’t get me wrong: I love PvP and Darkfall was the most fun I’ve had playing an MMO in a long time. Maybe I’m just another fanboy douche looking for a UO sequel, but I’ve never considered PvP to be UO’s defining characteristic, and I’ll be disappointed if that’s the direction they take Darkfall.

  3. Professer says:

    I see this as a kind of “here’s easy skills/gear, go enjoy darkfall one more time before DF2 comes along”

    This also makes me hope DF2 isn’t too far away. Keeping Darkfall like this long term would be kinda weird.

    (I’m talking within the year, given that it’s AV)

  4. Diametrix says:

    I see this as a fast and (DF hopes) big injection of cash before…whatever happens next.

    As in: they either release DF2.0
    Or Greece hits the hard skids and Aventurine ducks and runs

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