EVE Alliance Tournament 10: Balance on display

EVE’s Alliance Tourney 10 (AT10) started last weekend, and I was able to watch a good amount of it. Overall the production value was pretty damn high, and the matches were interesting and explained well. The downtime is somewhat lengthy between each match, but not terrible, and the different alliance ‘ads’ are well done.

But the biggest takeaway for me is just how balanced EVE’s small-scale PvP is. It seemed like each team fielded a different set of ships, and often it seemed like even the same ships were being fitted in different ways. Why is that amazing? Because the amount of theory-crafting that goes into this tourney makes MMOs with full-time arena-style PvP seem like kindergarten, yet unlike all those other games and their cookie-cutter builds, here we had dozens of different setups going at it. And more than once, what team looked strong on paper ended up not performing as well as expected, and ‘hero’ ships were common. For a game that some will tell you is “hit F1, circle”, player-skill was on full display here.

I’m looking forward to next weekend, and recommend people tune in as well.

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12 Responses to EVE Alliance Tournament 10: Balance on display

  1. wartzilla says:

    You mean besides the Sleipnir/Sleipnir/Scimitar/Merlin/Merlin/Merlin setup, and all the other fits and setups relying on the ludicrous ASB? :p

    Honestly I agree though. Obviously new modules are going to be a hit-and-miss thing when they’re new. I anticipate the ASB will be nerfed, and the reactive armor hardener will somehow be buffed, either before or in the winter expansion.

    That, or they’ll add new modules and mindfuck us.

    Not sure which scenario I’m pining for more..

    • SynCaine says:

      I think I only saw that setup 2-3 times, but I did miss a few matches. Did it ever lose?

      • wartzilla says:

        No, it seemed to be the 6v6 ‘I win’ button. I expect we will see it a lot next weekend.

        I’m hoping for interesting counters..

      • Jason says:

        I’ve seen it several times now watching replays, about half a dozen with a few more day 2 matches to catch up on. It’s lost exactly one time, and it lost to sleipneirx2-scim-merlinx3.

        • Anonymous says:

          Double Sleipner/Scim comps got shredded multiple times.

          Solar went douple Sleip double sabre and got aced by a double rook comp.

          Lawn used the same comp as Solar, and got torn apart by rvb’s double sleipner trip merlin.

          Bruderschaft went triple merlin, and got embarrassed by Exodus’ Vindicators.

          Curators went triple merlin, but lost to a mirror comp.

          there were couple close comps that lost too,

          NHB went double sleipner onieros and lost to a cluster of tengus, and PPTD went double drake/scimitar/trip harpy and lost to Bhaalghorn Oracle.

    • Devore says:

      Something about the reactive hardener will get buffed, because the skill for improving it is probably the only skill in the game you actively do NOT want to train.

  2. Kobeathris says:

    Easiest way to find replays, since CCP is terrible apparently, is go to Youtube and search for ‘ATX D#M#”, replace the numbers with the day and match number you want to see, they appear to all be out there.

  3. I thought the stream was horrible. I think CCP did a good job with putting everything on one screen for us to see, but the stream company sucked. I was expecting it to be like last years final weekend where they had the guys talking in between matches. I liked that.

    • I think they only do that for the full-on matches; this past weekend (and the next) are the qualifier rounds.

    • Devore says:

      This is the first time the qualifiers are streamed, with commentary.

      Some simple things they can do to improve the production quality…

      Turn off the radial popup menu on the observer client. Actually, everyone should turn it off, and I’d love to hear from someone who uses it, because I’m curious about it. It’s never there when I need it, and gets in the way the rest of the time.

      I realize it’s just the qualifiers, but the commentators are not being very professional. Shouldn’t be very hard to put up a big sheet of paper or a poster behind yourself, and doesn’t everyone doing video conference have their picture in a little window? Not very pleasant to be looking at people’s eyes and top of their heads all the time.

      Whoever is doing the cuts between commentators, needs to lay off the sugar. If it’s automated by software, it’s seriously broken.

      I like seeing the effects and speed on the ships. Hope the interface scales to 12vs12. Overall, with the changes it should turn out to be one of the better tournaments, and I’ve enjoyed it so far. The new shield mod I think is fine in the 6vs6, the scaling works pretty well, and it probably won’t be used in the larger matches at all.

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