EVE: Hollywood Boulevard

While ‘doing stuff’ in WH space, my cov-ops just happened to pop into J105934. Yes, that J105934.

One of the major advantages of not only playing on a single shard, but also playing a game where player history truly matters, is that almost a year later just seeing that location and its inhabitants still elects a strong reaction and a small sense of awe. Announcing the location on Mumble was met with similar feelings.

EVE is Real.

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3 Responses to EVE: Hollywood Boulevard

  1. opelwerk says:

    Are you fellows still recruiting? I’ve been looking at giving WH space a try, and as an avid reader of the blog, INQ-E seems like a fun group to do it with.

    • SynCaine says:

      We should be recruiting soon, but not yet. We are a full member of HAHA now, but we are still trying to sort everything out in our new home. I’ll post when we are recruiting again.

  2. kalex716 says:

    RnK are still the best pvp’ers in w-space. While they’re a small outfit, they consistently work the field in amazing ways.

    Early last summer when Narwhals peaked, we wanted to get a piece of them in a major way, but it never came to pass..

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