One additional 2013 prediction

EVE will shut down in 2013 and CCP will go bankrupt.

Moral lock everyone!

Mark it down!

(Unless they get more government funding and just shut the server down to make money. That could totally work as well. Wikipedia entries from 2008 don’t lie!)

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  1. sid6.7 says:

    The government subsidy theory explains a few things but I think it’s a bit ridiculous that a company would actively “plan” to be in a perpetual state of development.

    I think the fact that AV is planning a Steam launch is evidence in and of itself that it is fighting hard to attract a broader audience.

    • SynCaine says:

      I feel bad even typing this about that troll post, but here goes.

      Prior to DF1 they got a little money selling some engine tech to the government. During DF1 they got some grant money for staying in Greece rather than moving out, like a lot of devs did. They also qualified for a few other, minor items, like basically any small business would do in the US (that Greece has such things is really the only surprise).

      This of course all ignores that DF1 was a sub-based game for 3 years, that for the first year or longer sold its box for $50, and for a while had a $90 deal for the box+subs (of which I sold a good amount of, so unless I was the only person selling DF1, they overall sold a good amount of).

      During the last year+ of DF1, AV was basically only working on DF:UW.

      And most recently, they sold beta access to old and new players. Old paid $15, new paid $50 (or $30?). Based on just forum volume and in-game activity at that time, they sold more than a few subs/boxes there.

      But yea, the Greek gov is funding AV to keep the game offline. Yup.

  2. carson63000 says:

    Since computers get more powerful and cheaper every year, it seems that the one guy who was multiboxing 300,000 accounts (and paying for them by buying PLEX at Jita) is now able to multibox 500,000 accounts.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea but that guy is like 80% carebear and never leaves Empire space, so he’s basically playing WoW in space.

    • msp says:

      Heh.. beat me to it. I was about to say that they’ll be in real trouble when that one guy mining with 350K accounts leaves.

      Seriously though, this is really, really cool. Hope they can keep it going. I’ll be doing my small part. CCP, take my money!*

      *may still check in and tend to my little garden in.. ahem.. that other game. While Octomoms are busy collecting their epics.

  3. Random Idiot says:

    If it did, we would have to play something else…

    No grey areas here.!

  4. bhagpuss says:

    Probably going to regret asking but what, in this context, does “Octomom” mean? I googled it but couldn’t see any possible relevance to MMOs in any of the first page of results at all let alone see anything that would make sense of the specific reference above.

    Seen it crop a few times on MMO blogs recently and it mystifies me.

    • Sev says:

      Some woman went crazy with fertility meds and got octuple-pregnant. She was a minor celebrity for a little while in the US.

    • msp says:

      I was referring to Syncaine’s “Octo-moms will finally have the gear they deserve” post from early February. In that context, “Octomom” seems to stand for a mostly incompetent player; perhaps also assumed to be very casual and/or shallow. At least that’s my reading of it.

      In essence, I was poking fun at myself for happily paying Blizzard just to play Farmville… while even the so-called super casuals are doing more hardcore MMO activities, i.e., raiding and killing bosses :).

    • SynCaine says:

      I don’t remember the exact history, but at some point on this blog and I believe on others, it was argued that an MMO needs to include content that someone can jump in/out of in 30 minutes, because what if a baby needs changing or something like that.

      I argued against that, and the octo-mom part was a little joke into that due to the number of kids she has and her inability to actually be a mother.

      • camazotz says:

        As someone who’s been raising a new kid, having a game which lets you start/stop as needed is a huge plus when it comes to being a parent and still enjoying gaming. However there are a ton of games on the market that allow for this…MMOs not being on that list, of course, but hey, that’s what Skyrim is for.

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