Making an MMO is hard

Are you trying to make an MMO but what you have so far is garbage? No problem, just declare your game is not an MMO, and boom, problem solved!

At least until someone noticed your ‘multiplayer’ Elder Scrolls game sucks compared to Skyrim.

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8 Responses to Making an MMO is hard

  1. See, multiplayer Skyrim would be tempting. That would be a fine summer hiatus game for a couple of us.

    Another MMO that, up to this point, doesn’t seem to bring much to the table? No so much. I have plenty of choices in that regard.

  2. Ravious says:

    Yeah…. my thoughts exactly.

  3. Mekhios says:

    I have no interest in a TES MMO. Anyway no big deal. I am looking forward to Wildstar.

  4. Kyff says:

    I loved the idea of TES online. But from the comments of the linked sote I get the impression that they are actually building an online console game. Thats nor for me.

  5. sleepysam says:

    Hmm, maybe I should try Skyrim to get off my Civ kick.

  6. John says:

    The problems with MMOs so far, was 1) trying to create a clone/similar game as wow 2) Never try to introduce new players to the genre

    As an MMO developer, you can target your audience from the current MMO playerbase or try to target players that are not interested in “MMOs” and attempt to slowly introduce them to the genre..the first have been proven very risky and always as failure, the second rarely have been attempted.

    Elder Scrolls sell millions copies of their games and don’t count those who play the games pirated. Now why to try and get the player of wow instead of make something different?playing Elder scrolls with multiplayer towns and auction house and friend/guild chatting with the occasionally multiplayer will fit well for many players and especially will fit to the TES fans.

    If someone wants a themepark MMO will play wow/swtor and if he wants sandbox/pvp MMO will play EVE/Darkfall. Those who play elder scrolls games, I guess they are not in any of the above categories.

    It is not bad as idea but have some concerns.

    -Payment model. I always support subscription models for various reasons, but paying a sub for a single player game with the occasionally multiplayer activity is not seem so worthy. But from the other side if is going to be f2p and have systems that try to annoy me in order to pay then again, it will be bad.

    -They could make it a full pve sandbox game that is missing from the market and together with the strong IP, really make something different. I find this as they missed the perfect opportunity.

    -TES games are very successful because of the huge modding community and the hundreds of interesting mods that alter the game to your likings..will they be able to allow this modding community make their miracles?I am afraid not..

    -What Keen said “Don’t neglect the fact that I would prefer TESO as a multiplayer RPG. Keep in mind that what I’m pointing out here is that all signs point to TESO being like SWTOR, which, in my opinion, is not a multiplayer RPG — it’s a watered down MMO”

  7. Keen says:

    @Syncaine @Wilhelm: I agree, and I’ve said the same thing. Someone linked a post with my thoughts to reddit and a huge wave of people came in to thrash me for misrepresenting TESO.

    Somewhere out there lives a group of people who live in the middle. I don’t know how big that group is, but they love and buy into the hedging that ZeniMax is doing with TESO. I don’t know if they’re MMO tourists, diehard ES fans, or just delusional internet trolls, but I assume ZeniMax knows since I also assume they know what they’re doing. At least TESO now has a target demographic.

  8. Tierless says:

    This made me LOL, sadly its also true.

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