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All in

One point I didn’t see made when we were talking about Warhammer Online (notably I read about 3 blogs about it, so if I missed this someone post a link); I think it was the last MMO to launch where … Continue reading

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Waiting for the future

I remember in the early/mid 90s going into Boston to a ‘gaming café’ and playing a very primitive shooter game in a virtual reality setup. You got into a raised circular area with waist-high padded bumper rails, put on some … Continue reading

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The case for expansions

The recent lack of Darkfall posts is due, surprise, to an overall lack of playing DF lately. It’s moved from a game I played daily to something I put a few hours into a week, which in turn moves me … Continue reading

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NBI: Quantity > Quality

Blogger Initiative Post As a general rule, quantity>quality in the MMO blogging game. I’d rather read an active (once-a-day) blog of short thoughts than someone who writes once every two weeks and publishes a fully edited, completely thought-out essay. Granted … Continue reading

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