NBI: Quantity > Quality

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As a general rule, quantity>quality in the MMO blogging game. I’d rather read an active (once-a-day) blog of short thoughts than someone who writes once every two weeks and publishes a fully edited, completely thought-out essay. Granted those short posts still need to be entertaining-enough to bother with, but if you can’t entertain in short form, you have no chance of me reading an essay.

If you are unsure of a topic, rather than sit on it, toss a quick post together and get it up. This has a few benefits; It will get your post count up, which is VERY important, and a semi-complete thought will likely spark others to consider it and comment, and anything you can do to drive comments is a huge plus. Being ‘wrong’ is rarely a bad thing in blogging, unless you paint yourself into a corner by stating uninformed opinion as fact (although I’ve heard from a friend that sometimes works too…)

The other problem with the essay-style blog post is if you cover everything from every angle, what is there to talk about? Readers won’t post many “/agree” comments, and even when they do, what good are they? They won’t inspire your next post or get someone else to write a counter-blog with a link back to your post.

An active blog is a successful blog, and not overthinking a post is just one key to getting content out and keeping your readers entertained.

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2 Responses to NBI: Quantity > Quality

  1. Rohirrim says:

    With the exception that you will not become like tobold… :)

  2. hevy says:

    So pretty much the exact opposite of what you’ve been doing the past few months.

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