The need for alts in WAR, and back to Oblivion

Perhaps it’s just me, but I don’t think oRvR is something I can do day-in, day-out as my main MMO activity. Not because oRvR is subpar or poorly designed, but because it just takes more out of you as a player, and therefore requires breaks. Breaks mean you either play another MMO, or you roll an alt. Considering how many alts members of CoW have, clearly I’m not alone on this.

I generally hate MMO alts, so this is a rather big change for me. This ‘revelation’ of mine also makes me re-consider the structure of how WAR’s world is designed. At first I thought the three pairings setup was a bit of a waste, as it’s close to impossible to experience all of it on one character, and some of it seems very similar. Now when you consider the motivation to play an alt, it’s refreshing. Personally I’ve seen perhaps 5% of the greenskin content since my main is a Dark Elf, so playing the Choppa will be close to a new game. Once the alt is rank 40, this gives me two options for end-game T4 oRvR, and since gear has such a minimal impact in WAR, both will be viable. So yes, I’m looking forward to 1.2 and the new classes. Which is not to say I’ve abandoned my current 40, and I still intend to jump into oRvR consistently (and perhaps even more after 1.2 and the Domination system), but it will be nice to have the option to play WAR and not be focused on T4.

In the mean time, I’ve reinstalled The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion for the first time on my Alienware. It’s crazy that a game released in 2006 can still look so gorgeous. It’s also nice to just turn everything on max, at 1900×1200, and have it never drop below 30 FPS. Oblivion is a game I’ve put considerable time into before, but never actually finished it, or seen some of the more major quest lines. Anyone have any ‘must have’ mods for Oblivion? So far I’ve only installed Oscuro’s Overhaul.

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  1. Bonedead says:

    I used to have an expansion for Oblivion called Knights of the Nine I think. Never played it, but it’s something you can look into. I know there’s a mod that changes the whole game into LotR, my brother used a mod for a personal house, and I believe radio rivendell for the background music?

  2. Hudson says:

    One Oblivion mod I had added wandering Giants to the hillsides. I never saw one, but I bet it would have been cool!

  3. coppertopper says:

    You can get crazy with the mods! Those forums make you want to install them all. Franciscos is still the best overhaul . I’d tried MMM and Obscuros, but Franciscos nails the balance the best.

    So I suggest Franciscos, and a windows illuminated mod (there are many) since seeing lighted windows at nite in the cities is awesome!

    And if you are feeling ambitious Open Cities, which removes the loading when you go thru city gates.

  4. coppertopper says:

    ps – I bought the $10 Knights of the Nine box, that includes all the official DLCs. Not really necessary imo. There are already a million side quests as it is.

  5. coppertopper says:

    Heres the link for the illuminated towns mod (highly recommended!):

  6. smakendahed says:

    Knights of the Nine was pretty neat. The packaged up addons from that are good too (spell tomes FTW).

    One community addon I used actually adjusted things on the PC to be more PC like. It adjusted the UI some, allowing for more items to be listed on screen (merchant/inventory screen) and also adjusted the map so it would actually have more room rather that piece into that small space. I believe it also increased a few other settings.

    Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of it. :(

  7. Mikejl says:

    I still re-installed Oblivion on my new PC and was also like WOOO! So I did-up a new Orc Warrior .. Named Thrall! (AHHAAA take than MMO land I can be who I want in my little world. Buhahaha..O..ahhehh sorry).
    As for alts. WAR really is a great alt game. As I like both Destro and Order and thank god ..Both sides have different classes! Not WoW with same classes on both sides.
    So I easily have six characters I like to play .. log in and I go .. hmm what do I want to be today. as for rank 40 .. I’ll get their someday I’m in no hurry.
    Great stuff.

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