DOA: EQ Landmark

66% off already on Steam huh SOE? Whelp, at least you have EQN coming… soon?

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8 Responses to DOA: EQ Landmark

  1. carson63000 says:

    Pre-release packages being dumped in a heavily discounted fire sale – is that a first?

    Soon we’ll be at the point where a title can live the full lifecycle, from going on sale, to being heavily discounted, to being discontinued, all before it ever even launches.

  2. C. T. Murphy says:

    I want to scowl at SOE, ready to attack, but I can’t invest much more than a dubious glower.

  3. anom says:

    Meh games not even close to complete EQN is still at least 5 years out imo. They just put it on sale for soe live I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. I mean its f2p thats about as close to doa as u can get but, its already better then minecraft and combat is coming. Im not a big EQ fan but this is the only sandbox coming anytime soon. Tbh im impressed by where landmark is, when its finished its a minecraft killer. As for EQN if they release it in less then 5 years it will be buggy and melt ur gpu. All that said its soe so it will pry end up a pay2win clusterfuck that could have been a great game

    • Halycon says:

      It has a long way to go till it’s better than minecraft.

      Everyone started out in that game building a house, and then maybe building a big mega project. But anyone who stuck with it stayed because they figured out redstone, and then later all the mods that plugged into redstone to do more stuff.

      Combat system is take it or leave it at this point, I really don’t care. That’s what EQN is supposed to be about. For EQL I want tools to make dynamic content. Give us those, and us long time minecraft peeps will build all the huge houses, towns, cities, and dungeons SOE could ever want to drop into EQN. Don’t, and we won’t even bother to play. We have better tools to play around with already.

  4. mararinn says:

    It might be worth investigating Ingress as a mixture of game/exercise/frustration management :)

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  6. Anti-Stupidity League says:

    Oh nose, Landmark is in Top 5 of the most sold games list in Steam, SOE must be bleeding money. EQ Next will be a huge fail because of this!

    Well while I’m here and browsing the Steam games top sellers list – ArcheAge, free to play, € 135. Free? Really? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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