Damn you flu!

The lack of updates is due to a nasty flu that hit me hard and is just now finally going away.

In actually gaming news… well other than still working my way through The Witcher (still good, not sure about that ‘after chapter 3 falloff’ talk) and hitting level 52 in WoW (I know, special) things have been fairly quiet. Once I’ve completed The Witcher I think I might finally get around to getting The Orange Box (although that has been said before here…) and seeing what this whole cake thing is about. One can only hope that after all that, a more open beta will be up for Warhammer Online, if not actual release.

Oh, and since I hit 51+ in WoW, I was finally able to see the ‘new and improved’ Alterac Valley, and I have to say it’s a bigger joke now than it was before. While the old version required minimal strategy, mostly in the timing of the special NPCs you can use to help out and to break a stalemate, the new version is a straight up grind for 20 minutes and you get your cookie. No strategy, no need to work as a team, just follow the masses and AoE everything in front of you until it ends. There is a reason Blizzard does not allow groups to queue up for AV, and it has very little to do with any kind of ‘queuing issue’. On the other hand, looking for strategy in WoW PvP is a mistake to begin with, so maybe just mindless grinding makes the trouble of getting AV marks a little easier for everyone, allowing everyone to move on to real ‘fun stuff’ like raiding, right?

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  1. alcaras says:

    Group queueing for AV is back in 2.4.

    Count yourself lucky your AV queues are short. On my battlegroup, Stormstrike, Horde’s pattern of consistent, dominating wins (627 honor for the Horde, 0 for the Alliance), have led to Alliance boycotting the battleground, sending queue times skyrocketing. This last AV weekend’s 45m queue was considered “fast,” since our normal AV queue time is between 1.5 and 2 hours long.

  2. syncaine says:

    Well in the 51-60 bracket Alliance dominate for some reason. I do know that at 70 it’s the other way around, hence I’m aiming for my 100 marks before hitting 61. Should not be too difficult. As for queue times, on AV weekend it was around 5-10min, normally it’s around 30min.

    I had not seen the notes that mention group queuing for AV, is that new?

  3. J. says:

    OMG you haven’t gotten The Orange Box yet?? What are you waiting for?? You may not be a HL2 fan (amazingly enough) but you MUST travel through the Portal and go for the cake. You won’t regret it, keep going until you reach the end and watch the credits. It’s definitely worth it.

  4. sid67 says:

    WoW Insider hass been doing a good job keeping things up to date on the “progressive” patch notes:


  5. Swift Voyager says:

    Cold and flu season is the pits. Get better soon.

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