AA: Updated 30 min snap judgement

Sitting in a queue for at least 30min.

Although the total was only 860, with an initial estimate of under an hour, which is not bad at all for the first day of F2P. That said it might be worth subbing just to avoid the unwashed masses login queue. Assuming, of course, I stay with it for longer than 30min.

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11 Responses to AA: Updated 30 min snap judgement

  1. cuppy says:

    What server are you planning to play on?

  2. Can you avoid Trion’s pseudo-Steam wannabe service by actually downloading the game via Steam?

  3. zaphod6502 says:

    Glyph works ok. Hasn’t self-destructed on my PC yet.

    As for ArcheAge – wins my award for most fun MMO of the year – or the last 3 years for that matter. PvP ship battles, PvP land battles, stealing peoples crops and secret tree farms, getting put on trial and thrown in jail. HAHA!

  4. zaphod6502 says:

    Oh and we ended up rolling on Tahyang. Least painful server for queues and still had some housing plots left after the first 6 hours of early access.

  5. sleepysam says:

    Can’t we get Syncaine on some sort of Trion semi-VIP list so our writeups may resume?

  6. Trippin Ninja says:

    860 ain’t bad. I tried to get on around 10 eastern time and the smallest queue was 2340. I didn’t even wait for it to calculate before exiting game. I saw enough in beta to want to give this one a try but I’ll probably check it out once the locusts clear out in 30-60 days.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea the good news was I eventually got through the 860 queue. Made a character, had the game black-screen when initially loading. Killed it, logged back in, game showed that I had a character on Ollo. Got onto the server (no queue), didn’t see the character. Tried to make another, said the name was already taken, so clearly the original character was registered someplace. Killed the game again, 2800 queue. Off to a great start Trion.

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