Lifeless-like (get it)

Look what 2003 gave us!

Look what 2003 gave us!


Little Monday morning trivia for everyone, is the above image:

A: An upcoming one-man indie game

B: Something I created in the last ten minutes using free software and default art

C: SOE being SOE

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13 Responses to Lifeless-like (get it)

  1. Hrmm… that looks better than the original Half-Life I suppose. Not up to Half-Life 2 though.

    Isn’t H1Z1 based on PlanetSide2? I guess it is easier to model futuristic spaceships and body armor and make them look good than the more rustic and contemporary theme of H1Z1.

    • Alexandre ''Zeviking'' Boisvert says:

      Yep, future stuff is usually more ”slick” and modern/past stuff is usually more ”rough” so ya, it is indeed easier to model future stuff.

    • SynCaine says:

      I always thought PS2 looks terrible.

      It’s also one thing to have a bad looking MMO, since that’s more about gameplay, but shooters you usually expect above-average visuals, and PS2 is certainly below average.

      This though, this looks utterly terrible, and this is a screenshot SOE selected to show off the game…

      • kalex716 says:

        This looks like a marketing/community team somehow got permission to release a screenshot for promo purposes that nobody with any art sense at all ever even got to see.

        I can almost guarantee an art lead did not approve this imagery for public consumption. I can also almost guarantee the art team thats developing this game is royally pissed right now.

      • Azuriel says:

        Really? Like… could you explain why you think PS2 looks terrible? The only thing I can think of is the lack of rag-doll physics or perhaps the copy-paste base design (which they sorta fixed).

        I will say that I was skeptical from day 1 about them re-using the PS2 engine for H1Z1 – there’s way too many right angles and straight edges.

  2. Mobs says:

    literally the dumbest thing SOE has ever put money into.

  3. wloire says:

    “Romero’s” Supermarket. Haha get it? Get it guys? GET IT?

  4. Romero’s supermarket, huh?

    Has it been long enough now?

    “Bake me a Daikatana.”

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