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EVE: If the shoe fits

In two hours I was part of the ‘end-game’ in EVE Online. In two hours and about fifteen minutes, I was pretty mad at myself for waiting this long to return to EVE. I also have a dozen blog posts … Continue reading

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EVE: SynCaine is back among the stars

I’ve resubbed my main account in EVE Online. Yup. A few reasons for this. One being that I don’t see another MMO coming anytime soon that will take up my time. Crowfall alpha is happening, and I do fire that … Continue reading

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EVE: Another example of making ISK the smart way

These kinds of stories are what make EVE so unique. A smart individual doing something of note to make some serious ISK without having to play ten accounts 24/7 hauling junk between stations. These are the people who get news … Continue reading

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CR: Cards come a little easier

Big patch today in the world of Clash Royale (isn’t it fun to play a mobile game that gets updated more than once every 6 months, with balance changes too no less!), one that will shake up the meta considerable … Continue reading

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