CR: Cards come a little easier

Big patch today in the world of Clash Royale (isn’t it fun to play a mobile game that gets updated more than once every 6 months, with balance changes too no less!), one that will shake up the meta considerable due to the new cards and the balance changes made to some staples like the mortar.

Additionally there was some balance down around rewards; the daily gold chest got a huge boost, you now get a small amount of gold per win, but you also don’t get as much gold out of each chest. You can donate more cards, and when you ask for a card, you get more of it per request. The overall goal is to get people to the new tourney caps of 9/7/4/1 (common/rare/epic/legendary), without completely removing the long, long-term (or $30k) goal of maxing all cards.

I’m hoping the next update adds more for clans to do. This one added the ability to watch in-clan matches live, which will be cool for in-house tourneys, but some form of official game mode is needed. Luckily this being Supercell, I’m not only confident it will come soon, but that what is delivered will be solid as well.

Our clan is still at the 50 members cap, as is BB at 25. Clash of Clans still has a couple spots (Supreme Cream!) if anyone is looking to get into mobile gaming with our rather solid crew (its a bit crazy, but I think our core mobile group has now been gaming for 2+ years together)

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3 Responses to CR: Cards come a little easier

  1. Azuriel says:

    The donation change is pretty key – 3 rares vs 1 per 8 hours. Plus, like a million commons.

    I also enjoy the change to the Royal Giant, as I felt like the Bomb Tower was (and still kinda is) OP and he’s a pretty good counter. Plus, it’s hilarious watching people freak out when you drop the Royal Giant. Last few times my opponents dropped some Spear Goblins and nothing else, like that was going to do anything. Perhaps they thought it was a regular Giant.

    • SynCaine says:

      Royal Giant right now is almost too good, because even when ‘countered’, he still gets decent tower damage in unless you immediately counter the drop with a building.

  2. tsuhelm says:

    I find BR amusing rather than challenging… a simple way to spend some idle minutes… F2P is slow slow slow… so will be lv6 for quite some time I guess!

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