Fallout 4 – Far Harbor thoughts

With the Nuka World DLC coming August 30th (and based on the trailer, looking amazing!) I need to finish up the Far Harbor DLC sooner rather than later. I’ve done the main quest line, and some of the side content, but I feel like I’ve got at least 5-6hrs of ‘stuff’ to still do.

Far Harbor overall has been really, really good. The environmental effects, mostly the fog, are a great addition and give the island a unique feel compared to other areas of Fallout 4. It still feels like an area in a Fallout game, but there is no mistaking you are on Far Harbor when you are there. I also like the overall layout, as it doesn’t feel forced in terms of guiding you through the story, and most buildings are in spots that seem fairly logical.

The main storyline was very enjoyable, thought it felt slightly short. That feeling comes from the fact that since you must can pick one of three major resolutions, you don’t see the other two resolutions play out. That means the total content of the main storyline is decent, but you don’t see all of it on a single playthrough. Having a single save file at the very start is smart if you want to see all three sides fully. (Or you can just read a wiki about them like I did.)

Length aside, the story fit the area, was interesting, and tied the three major factions on the island together very well. It was a really good showcase for the Children of Atom faction, who were not a major feature in Fallout 4. New armor and weapons also fit into the theme of each faction, be it harpoons or radiation-flavored weapons. New enemies also help, although none of them I’d call instant classics that need to be brought along going forward.

To me the mark of good DLC is if it gets you more enjoyment out of a game you originally enjoyed. I loved Fallout 4, and Far Harbor continued that love. Well worth picking up IMO.

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