Global Agenda: Looking ahead to the next update

While I have not been posting much about Global Agenda, I and a few others have been playing it somewhat frequently of late, and having a good time (InqClan if you want to join us).

GA is one of those “fun in doses” games, which makes it perfect for the F2P model. I’m pretty sure it also sells power (not at the cap yet, so I’ve not seen end-game stuff or how cash effects it), but given that the game falls under the “I don’t care that much” category, I’m not bothered. I’m consistent like that…

One should not confuse “don’t care that much” with GA not being a good game. I think it is. It has a nice combat system, good graphics, makes some nice design decisions, etc. I’d say currently its biggest shortfall is that its PvE goes into total grind-mode after level 18.

“But SynCaine, I thought GA was a PvP game?”

It is. But it’s not Halo or CounterStrike. It’s an MMO (in the new, more general sense of the term), and even a PvP MMO needs good PvE to provide a PvP break. And GA has some pretty decent PvE pre-18. The open-zone desert stuff is fun. It’s not gods-gift to MMO PvE content, but given how combat works and all that, it’s not bad. There’s something oddly enjoyable about just zipping around with a jetpack blasting random trash in a desert.

So I’m happy to see that the next update is mostly PvE focused, and looks to add more of the open zone stuff. As I mentioned, the PvP they currently have is good, and while more maps and such are nice, you don’t really need to shake that part up. Rather, you need to give people something to do to take a break, because currently that break is to log off. The more stuff you can do while waiting for others to log on, the higher the odds of actually getting a group together become.

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  1. saucelah says:

    I’m actually about to dive into this game, probably this weekend, as part of my goal to play a bunch of f2p games and write about them — having a group to play with would drastically improve my ability to check out the game. How would I go about getting in touch with you or your clan?

    I do have a character already, but the level can’t be that high.

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  3. Skyve says:

    Surprisingly, this hated-in-every-review game can provide fun. I’ve been playing it for a while with some friends, and in some ways it’s superior to other titles for small group play. Especially PvP feels more dynamic and teamwork-based than that in a lot of MMOs. They have this often unfair matchmaking problem, though.

    The group PvE part is, due to some randomization, more diverse than your average dungeon instances. Game’s combat mechanics allow a chance to be successful without the traditional tank/healer composition (although it takes some planning/coordination).

    Double Agent gameplay is another feature I’d like more games to adopt as a concept (basically, it’s a PvE instance with some players playing for the NPCs).

    Also, they are only selling faster advancement (you can buy the game itself/exp-money boost/singular items that can be purchased for ingame currencies as well/visual fluff items like colored jetpack trails), so this is a not a pay-to-win game even at higher level.

    P.S. Is it possible to include OpenID commenting?

    • SynCaine says:

      OpenID should be enabled. I have whatever the defaults are for WordPress. I’ll look into it.

      Also I’ve yet to try Double Agent, but that sounds pretty good. I think GA’s main issue was it came out as a sub MMO, when really it’s anything but.

      • Skyve says:

        Yes, their one big failure is advertising the game as an MMO while it’s more like a lobby-based shooter since the main (and only at launch) content is missions.

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